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Superheroines vs Supervillainesses: The Women of the DC Universe

SUPERHEROINES VS SUPERVILLAINESSES THE WOMEN OF THE DC UNIVERSE With Wonder Woman making an appearance in Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice as well as playing host to her own film in 2017 and the forthcoming Justice League series, it's safe to say that the superheroine is a hot topic (in more ways than one) at the moment. Wonder Woman, however, is just one of the many ladies of the DC Universe and here's a side by side look at just a few of the superheroines and supervillainesses who you may have forgotten: SUPERHEROINES SUPERVILLAINESSES Wonder Woman Harley Quinn Real Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira. Real Name: Harleen Frances Quinzel. Species: Human. Species: Amazon. Affiliations: Affiliations: Justice League SUICIDE Suicide Squad. of Anarchy. Justice SOCIET AMERKA Justice Society of America. SQUAD League. Abilities: Abilities: High intelligence. Exceptional agility and strength. Superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance & reflexes. Flight. Immunity to Psychologist. most toxins. Uses indestructible bracelets, the Lasso of Truth, a weaponised tiara & a magical sword. Exceptional hand to hand combatant. Skilled Gymnast. Catueoman Real Name: Selina Kyle. Species: Human. Affilliations: H Batman BAT MAN SIDES Outsiders. Family. Injustice League. USTICE: Justice League LEAGUE AMERICA of America. Superwoman AGU SIRENS Gotham City Sirens. Real Name: Lois Lane. Species: Human. Abilities: Affiliations: Expert burglar. Highly skilled gymnast. DAILY N FLANET Daily Galaxy Communications. Planet. Highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Utilises bullwhips, razor-sharp retractable claws & costumes with steel spring-loaded climbing pitons. Abilities: Temporary superpowers. Poison Iny Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley. Species: Human. Affiliations: Birds Ire Birds of Gotham City SIRENS Sirens. Prey. Supergirl USTIC Injustice League. TUSTIC Injustice Gang. Real Name: Kara Zor-El. AGU NORLD Species: Kryptonian. Secret SUPER- Society of SUICIDE Suicide Affiliations: VILLAINS Super /SQUAD Squad. Villains. EEN Teen TENS Titans. LEGIDN Legion of Super-Heroes. VSTAR ST.A.R. SUPER FRIENDST Super Foes. Justice Red Supermen Labs. Lantern League. of America. Corps. Abilities: Abilities: ** Secretion of floral toxins. Controls plant life. Superhuman strength, speed, hearing, endurance & stamina. Immunity to all toxins, bacteria & viruses. Sc.D in botany and toxicology. Flight. Invulnerability. O Klurkor. O Genius-level intellect. Mystical connection with plants through a force called the Green. Batgirl Enchantress Real Name: Barbara Gordon. Species: Human. Real Name: June Moone. Affiliations: Species: Homo Magi. Biris-Aruy BAT "MAN Batman Family. Birds of Prey. Affilations: Sladocapadt Shadowpact. SUICIDE Suicide /SQUAD Squad. Seven Soldiers f Victory! of Victory. (SUICIDE Suicide /SQUAD Squad. Soldiers Sentinels of Magic. FORGOTTEN Forgotten VILLAINS! Villains. Justice Batman PATMAN League. Incorporated. Justice League Dark. Abilities: Genius-level intellect. Highly skilled martial artist. Abilities: Highly skilled computer hacker. Expert detective. Unlimited magical Can directly affect inanimate objects with magic. powers. Zatanna Cheetah Real Name: Priscilla Rich / Deborah Domaine / Barbara Ann Minerva. Real Name: Zatanna Zatara. Species: Homo Magi. Affillations: Species: Human. Justice League. Justice DA League Dark. Affiliations: Secret Villainy Inc. Soldiers Seven SUPER Society of VILLAINS Super Villains. Sentinels of Magic. f Victory! Soldiers. Injustice League. Super SUPER FRIENDS! Foes. Abilities: EAGU 7 Prestidigitation. Good Combatant. Abilities: Occultist, O Hypnotist. Powers and appearance of a cheetah, granted by the plant-god Urzkartaga. Superhuman speed. Improvisation. Silver Banshee Real Name: Siobhan McDougal / Siobhan Smythe. Hauekueoman Species: Metahuman. Real Name: Shayera Thal. Affiliations: Legion of Doom. Species: Thanagarian. The Society. LEGION OF DOOM Affiliations: Justice League. Abilities: Superhuman speed, durability & the strength of ten men. Abilities: Belt/harness containing Nth metal that defies gravity. Hypersonic Screams. Hypersonic Screeches. Artificial wings allowing powered flight, enhanced strength & quickness. Her sonic abilities also allow her to teleport via sound waves. Energy weaponry. Perfect fluency in any language just from hearing a few words. Brought to you by BINGO Sources: FIND Lane gordon.html (Selina Kyle) (New_Earth) OF TE CCCCC

Superheroines vs Supervillainesses: The Women of the DC Universe

shared by brockbankjames on Apr 08
With Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice due out this week, Bingo Find thought they'd celebrate by taking a look at something which doesn’t get as much coverage as it should; the women of the DC Universe!


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