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Superhero Materials: The Real-Life Equivalents

SUPERHERO MATERIALS: THE REAL-LIFE EQUIVALENTS We all dream of being a superhero, of being able to take advantage of powers such as invisibility or super strength. In this infographic we'll take a look at how modern technology and state-of-the-art materials are getting us closer to our comic book heroes than ever before. Graphene Want to swing around like Spiderman? Then a tube of flexible, lightweight graphene may be the answer. Ultra strong and incredibly light, graphene could theoretically be used by a real life Spiderman, although he'd have to be rich as it's not particularly cheap to produce Pound for pound, Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel Could be formed into A crystalline form of carbon atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern minute tubes, strong enough to support a man Ultra-Light Material Graphene is extremely light - less than one tenth of the weight of the ultra-light carbon. This strength with minimal weight gives it a range of potential applications, from aircraft and space travel to wearable body armour, making it a good option for a real-life Iron Man suit Made by aircraft manufacturer Boeing and released in 2015 Microlattice woven polymer structure Stronger than carbon but only one tenth of the weight Crystalline Oxygen Store Breathing underwater without the use of heavy oxygen tanks has long been a dream for everyone except Aquaman and a handful of X-Men. These synthesized crystals however can absorb huge amounts of oxygen, which could in future allow humans to breathe underwater Synthesized crystals made from cobalt bound Can absorb high levels of oxygen and then release it slowly over time Could absorb oxygen from the water, removing the need to 'preload in an organic molecule Super Polymer Traditionally characteristics such as the super strength of The Hulk or Superman, or the augmented strength of Iron Man have been impossible. But with super polymer that can lift 1,000 times its own mass, super strength may not be entirely out of reach Polymer changes shape when it comes into During shape changing process it can lift 1000 times it own mass contact with body heat Boron Carbide Want the bullet proof armour of Batman without heavy, rigid Kevlar? Make your armour out of boron carbide and you may get closer to the Dark Knight than ever before. Not only does it boast incredible stopping power, but it remains extremely flexible T-shirts dipped in boron and heated to change Results in lightweight and flexible bulletproof t-shirt Boron reacts with the carbon fibres to produce boron carbide cotton to carbon fibres Metamaterial Invisibility cloaks have always been the realm of fantasy, with fictional cloaking technology available only to the likes of Tony Stark or James Bond. With new nanostructure superlenses however, invisibility cloaks could become fact instead of fiction Nanostructures designed to scatter light in specific ways. They can create superlenses which can have a spatial resolution below that of the wavelength Can work with any lightwave in the spectrum (IR, microwave, etc) Aerogel Want to withstand fire like Batman, Superman or Iron Man? Then you'll need heat-resistant aerogel, which can withstand the extremely high levels of heat and still protect whatever it's covering. Ideal for firefighters, bomb disposal units or wannabe-superheroes Amazing insulator; 1cm can resist the heat of a blowtorch Work being completed on flexible aerogels with numerous applications Matrix made with silica, metal oxides or graphene Information Sources: jpg BUY METAL ONLINE abonageogra httpo// armor/14907/ http://science our-1681845262 1000-times-itsight

Superhero Materials: The Real-Life Equivalents

shared by Designbysoap on Aug 01
All of us have dreamt of having our very own super powers. Whether it's being able to fly, invisibility, or super strength, there are some state-of-the-art materials in existence that could allow us t...


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