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Superhero Homes

SUPERHERO HOMES THE BEST SUPER HQS & HOUSES BRUCE WAYNE / BATMAN BATCAVE AND WAYNE MANOR Location: Outskirts of Gotham city Selling Points: Listed building with huge areas to host parties and socialise. Own gym and lots of parking space. Hanger Bay for Batplane Energy Efficiency: Hydrogen generator Would suit : Animal lovers, fitness and technology enthusiasts. Also people who love dinosaurs Curb Appeal: Magnificent gardens and Gothic architecture make this a stunning property Security Measures: Bat Cave is hidden. The Batcomputer allows 24 hour surveillance of bad guys GREEN ARROW / SPEEDY CLARK KENT / SUPERMAN TONY STARK / IRONMAN ARROWCAVE Location: Beneath the old Queen estate, start city Selling Points: Immense cavern big enough to fit the Arrowcar and Arrowplane TONY STARK'S MANSION Location: Point Dume, Malibu, California Selling Points: Stunning ocean views, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a private beach, tennis courts and helipad Energy Efficiency: Run and optimised by JARVIS. Potential to FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE - SUPERMANS SECRET LAIR Location: North Pole Selling Points: Massive crystals, everywhere! Great place to get away from everything and everyone Energy Efficiency: Crystals provide infinite amounts of power If harnessed correctly Would suit: Fans of Jor-El and Lara, since the building Energy Efficiency: There is no central heating, so carbon emissions are at a minimum fit solar panels and a wind turbine to boost green credentials Would suit: A social recluse with a plane who likes archery Would suit: Millionaire playboy with a love of beaches and surfing Curb Appeal: None, can't be seen from any curb contains large statues of Superman's mum and dad Curb Appeal: Dazdling house exterior, but no gardens Security Measures: It is situated in the middle of nowhere but prone to self-destruct if security is breached Curb Appeal: Very polished and futuristic looking - and set against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean Security Measures: Not missile proof, so slightly vulnerable to air attacks. Voice recognition on all access points and utilities Security Measures: motion sensors, steel mechenical doors LOGAN / WOLVERINE X-MANSION Location: 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, northeast Westchester County, New York. Selling Points: Full size basketball court. aircraft hangar, "Danger Room" with hard-light holographic technology, sub basements, swimming pool, hedge maze. Located in upmarket location in NYC so will retain value easily. Energy Efficiency: Fairly good if use of the "Danger Room" and Cerebro are limited Would suit: Someone who likes (preferably mutant) children. Telepathy would be advantageous as to maximise the use of Cerebro. Curb Appeal: Amazing court yard appearance with statue centre-piece Security Measures: Several tunnels available for emergency exits. Cerebro able to detect presence of enemies if user is telepathic and given full training. School grounds patrolled by 0.N.E. and giant watchdog robots/sentinels HE-MAN CASTLE GRAYSKULL Location: Eternla Selling Polnts: Throne room, the Hall of He-Man, a laboratory and magical doors that transport you to exotic locations such as Snake Mountain. Energy Efficiency: Mainly powered by magic Would sult: Anyone looking to defend Eternia and who stands for all that is good. Also great for pets, such as cats, as there are no soft-furnishings, making it easy to clean. Curb Appeal: Could do with a lick of paint to brighten up the exterior. Weather seems to be constantly overcast, which does not help with aesthetics. Security Measures: Surrounded by a bottomless abyss which can double as a moat. It also has a jawbridge and survives weekly attacks from the local thug - Skelator. SUPERHERO HOUSES BASED ON REAL BUILDINGS Many of the homes & HQs of superheroes are based on, or feature shots of, real houses or buildings. WAYNE MANOR HALL OF JUSTICE THE DAILY PLANET BUILDING PETER PARKERS HOUSE NIGHTWINGS CLOISTERS HO AVENGERS MANSION AVENGERS MANSION HALL OF JUSTICE THE DAILY PLANET BUILDING Henry Clay Frick House, 1 E 70th St, Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio The Toronto Star, 100 Queen St W, New York, Ny, United States -a former train station that Toronto, Canada Avengers co-creator Stan Lee used to pass this house on his daily commute Superman co-creator Joe Shuster once worked at the Toronto Star now serves as a museum and library. AI Gmuer, a background supervisor on the series "Super-Friends", modelled the fictional HQ on the real building. PETER PARKERS HOUSE NIGHTWING'S CLOISTERS HO WAYNE MANOR 20 Ingram Street, NY Henry Clay Frick House, 1E 70th St, Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire New York, NY, United States Wollaton Hall Wollaton Park, Nottingham The tunnel entrance to the BatCave The real life house at this address is much Avengers co-creator Stan Lee used to pass this house on his daily commute bigger than Peter's humble abode - but amazingly, at the time of writing, the real house is inhabited by the Parker family. used in the 1960s TV series was based in Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, LA. Wollaton Hall in Nottingham featured as Wayne Manor in the Dark Knight Rises THE ULTIMATE SUPERHERO FAN MERCHANDISE 6 FOOT INCREDIBLE HULK CARDBOARD CUTOUT SPIDER-MAN CALENDAR AND KEYBOARD 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 BLACKWIDOW BLACKWIDOW POSTER BATMAN SYMBOL NIGHTLIGHT MoneySupermarket com

Superhero Homes

shared by drewgriff1980 on Jun 19
From angry men made of adamantium, to muscly men in their underpants; superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their bases, homes and HQs...




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