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Sub Genres of Sci-Fi Movies

Sub Genres of Sci-Fi Movies Science fiction novels and movies offer an insight into the future. Unlike other genres which are quite realistic in nature, science fiction takes us to an imaginary world where the possibilities are endless. TIME TRAVEL SUPERHUMAN Time Travel is among the most popular sub-genre of sci-fi. Some of the most popular sci-fi movies are Donnie Darko, 12 Monkeys and Back to the Future. The most famous time travel novel is The Time Machine authored by H.G. Wells in 1895. Superhuman sci-fi movies involve humans with extra ordinary abilities. These stories depict superhumans being alienated by society or superheroes taking on super villians. Some of the best sci-fi movies include Chronicle, The Avengers and X-Men. ALTERNATIVE HISTORY APOCALYPTIC These movies depict major historical events in a different manner or are set in a different period. Watchmen, Back to the Future 2 are some of the best movies in this category. Apocalyptic fiction depicts end of civilisation due to reasons like war, astronomic impact, pandemic, ecological disaster etc. Mad Max, The Matrix and Terminator are some of the most popular movies in this category. SPACE OPERA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE These tales involve mainframe Space Opera movies take us to an imaginary world set in the outer space or on other planets. These movies are set on a large scale. The Star Wars and The Star Trek are the best examples of computers, mobile robots or the internet developing human feelings. A popular work in this niche is D.F. Jones's novel Colossus, which was later filmed by Joseph Sargent. space opera movies. Presented By ViewLorium

Sub Genres of Sci-Fi Movies

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Science fiction movies are a great source of entertainment. Some of the most popular genres of science fiction movies are Time Travel, Superhuman, Alternative History, Apocalyptic, Space Opera and Art...




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