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The AT-AT Strikes Back

Backpack charger troop bench Up to 40 snowtroopers awaiting deployment ASSAULT CARRIERS AT-AT walkers can unleash their assault forces in several rapid waves using drop-lines with attached harnesses. Boom racks extend to drop combat troops and equipment over the side. Speeder bikes are deployed using harnesses at front and back. High-speed cable winch Atmosphere intake Upper deck officer Extensible deployment Cockpit access tube cable rack Blaster targeting rangefinder Targeting computers Medium blaster cannon Energizer rods. Viewport Fuel cell Forward Deployment hamess sensors Fuel pump 0ם Class II heavy Laser laser cannon power cell ALL-TERRAIN ABILITIES The thick armor plating of the Imperial walker makes it too heavy for effective repulsorlifts, hence its huge legs for striding over obstacles and rugged terrain. While steep hillsides or deep swamps can thwart the progress of the walker, AT-AT pilots can guide walkers across surprisingly rugged ground. Speeder / bike garage Ringed electromagnet systems enable the neck to flex Deployment staging platform Vehicle commander Shock absorber Holographic communicator Heavy braces at these points lock AT-ATs Piston drive pressurizer into their landing barges Flat plate piston drive Knee joint Knee joint brake VTwo pilots cover Service Reinforced COMMAND COCKPIT Energizer and drive control systems Ankle drive access heavy armor The walker's heavily armored head serves as a cockpit for the two pilots and the vehicle commander. On its exterior are mounted the motor cover vehicle's weapons systems. While both pilots are fully qualified to perform all control functions, in normal practice one serves as driver while the other acts as gunner. Firing Footpad Ankle pitch brake yaw strut controls can at any time be yielded to the vehicle commander, who uses a periscope display capable of tactical and photographic readouts. The two pilots are guided by terrain sensors under the cockpit and ground sensors built into the feet of the vehicle. Scans read the nature and shape of the terrain ahead, assuring infallible footing. Toe flap piston Toe flap. Terrain scanners Footpad Terrain sensor computer Macrobinocular viewplate Impulse terrain sensor Scout trooper wearing heated suit Antipersonnel pursuit gun AT-AT Power/heater pack D: EPLOYED AS WEAPONS OF TERROR, the gigantic Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport walkers advance inexorably on the battlefield like unstoppable giants. These behemoth monsters are shielded with heavy armor cladding, making them invulnerable to all but the heaviest turbolaser weaponry. Blaster bolts from ordinary turrets and cannons merely glance off the walker's armor or are harmlessly absorbed and dissipated. A powerful reactor produces the raw energy needed to move this weighty battle machine. Cannons in the movable cockpit spit death and savagery at helpless foes below, cutting a swath of destruction which the mighty footpads then crash through. Breaking enemy lines with its blaster fire and lumbering mass, the walker functions as a troop carrier, holding in its body platoons of crack assault soldiers, ground weaponry, and speeder bike antipersonnel/reconnaissance vehicles. When this cargo of terror is released into the chaos and destruction a walker has created, another Imperial victory is nearly complete. SPEEDER BIKES AT-AT walkers usually carry a set of high-velocity repulsorlift speeder bikes for scouting or survivor-hunting missions. The speed and agility of these bikes complement the plodding might of the walkers, making the combined assault capability thorough and overwhelming. The colossal size and nightmarish animal resemblance of the AT-AT combine with its combat strengths to give it tremendous psychological power. Until the Battle of Hoth, no army had ever fought resolutely against an onslaught of walkers, so frightening and devastating is their presence.

The AT-AT Strikes Back

shared by maggie on Mar 23
The At-At armored transport walkers were first introduced to Star Wars fans in the flick The Empire Strikes Back. These Imperial war machines gave the rebels a run for their money as it was almost imp...


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