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Streaming Showdown: Netflix Vs Hulu Plus

Streaming Showdown: Netflix vs Hulu Plus and the demise of cable 10,283 Tweets from June 28th, 2010 to July 6th, 2011 expressing how users prefer to access their TV and movies: Netflix or Hulu Plus NETFLIX 7,095 Tweets were talking huluPLUS about their preferred service 29% 51% 20% "I have Netflix so I don't need "I have both so l'm cutting the cord" "I have Hulu Plus so I don't need Hulu Plus" Netflix" Top reasons users Top reasons users love Hulu Plus prefer Netflix over Hulu Plus: over Netflix: 1. Cheaper* 1. Better mobile apps 2. Commercial free 2. Better catalog 3. Lag-free streaming 3. Higher quality "Majority of opinions took place before the Hulu Plus price drop Netflix conversation is nearly balanced in gender while Hulu Plus is predominantly male 48% 52% 24% 76% The release of the Hulu Plus Android app caused a 4,180% spike in conversation on June 22nd, of which 91% was talking about disconnecting cable service June 22nd "Tried both, "Still need to 3,188 I can't decide!" try Hulu Plus." Tweets indicated a decision hasn't been made yet h. 52% 48% Two video streaming services, which one do users prefer? Netflix is in the lead with 29% of relevant opinions, and Hulu Plus is following closely with 20%. That said, 3,188 of the 10,283 people haven't decided, or haven't tried Hulu Plus yet. Either way, it's clear that cable's plug has been pulled. mashw*rk Translating the social web For methodology and more info email: 349 5th Ave New York, NY 10016.

Streaming Showdown: Netflix Vs Hulu Plus

shared by aleks on Jul 12
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These days, more and more people are giving up cable in favor of streaming video and TV. Those services, available from Netflix and Hulu Plus, come at a much lower cost and for many, provide sufficien...


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