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Is streaming killing TV?

IS STREAMING KILLING TV? Today, one third of our daily video consumption is streaming. Find out why we are transitioning towards video-on-demand. We asked 6 different countries about their watching habits USA UK Sweden Norway Finland Germany Please note that in this infographic the term NORDICS refers to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Because of the scope of this study multiple currencies are also being used. Let's start by following the money! This is what a household pays, on average, each month for TV and streaming services $ 80 USA TV Streaming € 63 UK E 50 $63 Nordics & Germany E 25 Streaming Worldwide E4 $31 $1 CRAZY FACT 12% of Brits spend an incredible £80+ (€ 100/$ 130) per month on their TV bill. The Americans are close, with 10% spending the same amount. While in the rest of Europe only 2% of consumers exceed the € 80 (S 100) threshold. Oh, so streaming and video-on-demand is cheap! that must be why we are embracing it. Well, yes and no o Priorities are different from country to country It turns out that the lower cost is only a main factor in the US.. while in Europe it is not even among the top 2 reasons. Top 3 reasons for going streaming Cheaper Control over content Control over content Better selection Better selection It just happened Control over content Better selection Cheaper This still small, but growing, exodus has resulted in an increasing amount of people leaving traditional TV behind. Households that cancelled their TV subscription in the past 2 years USA 12,4% UK 10,1% Sweden 11,2% Norway 4,6% Finland 8,3% Germany 6,3% o While others are not so far from making the switch. Households planning to cancel their TV subscription in the next 2 years USA 22,7% UK 17,5% Sweden 24,1% Norway 14,6% Finland 12,1% Germany 14,5% o And even more can think of a future where they are completely TV-free as it becomes less essential to consumers. Households that imagine a life without traditional TV USA 34,9% UK 25,6% Sweden 30,5% Norway 21,9% Finland 16,9% Germany 16,7% If we consider the sum of these changes we get this: 70% 53,2% 65,8% 41,1% 37,3% 37,5% This is the potential amount of TV-free households we could see in the near future How does the shift look right now? Regular TV consumption has gone down. With half of consumers watching less traditional TV compared to 2 years ago, in favor of video-on-demand. 50% As people turn to streaming the benefits vary. 1 in 4 people feel like they are saving more time thanks to video-on-demand. Since they are able to choose when to watch their videos. People also feel more efficient, as their media can be consumed on the go. In fact, after PCs, smart devices are the most used when it comes to streaming video. COOL FACT Speaking of devices, in the US and UK consoles play a huge role in streaming content, with respectively 32% and 25% of consumers using them to access their media. 50% Half of the interviewed also agree that streaming has brought an increase in content quality. As a result almost everyone is happy with their streaming services. Happiness with streaming as a service %23 84,1% 81,5% 79.7% 73,8% 74,6% 71,8% Unhappiness with streaming 1-3% COOL FACT Satisfaction is not limited to individuals. Many admit that streaming has helped in bringing the whole family together thanks to the variety of content and control over when it can be enjoyed. Conclusions The evidence shows that motivations can be different but ultimately moving to streaming while leaving traditional TV behind is just another natural shift in a world where technology waits for no one. make your research global and find out more about the world around yoU About Cint About this study Cint is a global platform and technology firm dedicated to creating self-service solutions for online market research innovating the way insights are gathered. The statistics were collected using Layerwave, a population survey platform. The survey was conducted in October 2014. polling 7000 people between the age of 15 and 80, in six countries (USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany). Reach the opinions of 10 million people in 60 countries through our transparent marketplace. cint LAYERWAVE Лi consumption Streaming

Is streaming killing TV?

shared by DanT on Oct 22
In a recent interview, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) said: “TV is one of those things that is stuck back in the 70s. Think about how much your life has changed and all the things around you that have chan...




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