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Star Wars Principle Costume Progresssion

FAR FAR AWAY FASHION STAR WARS PRINCIPAL COSTUME PROGRESSION REBEL EDITION The meteoric rise of the Star Wars franchise shattered box office records and ultimately reshaped cinema. Redefining what's 'cool' in popular culture for generations to come, George Lucas' meticulous attention to detail helped seal the franchise's place in history. Lucas knew that garish costume and design choices could easily derail the believability of his galaxy far, far away. By assembling a knowledgeable team with technical and military backgrounds, Lucas employed his vision in a way that was simple, nondescript and only enhanced the story instead of taking it over. See how the main costumes worn by your favorite rebels changed over the course of the original trilogy and helped to shape a franchise that took the world by storm. LUKE SKYWALKER PRINCESS LEIA HAN SOLO TATOOINE FARM BOY ALDERAAN GOWN SMUGGLER Life on Tatooine required attire that was both simple and practical. A simple Japanese shirt with elongated sleeves, white trousers and Chelsea style boots were all it would take to get Luke through most of A New Hope. A brown leather belt with multiple pouches, lightsaber hook and knee high wraps helped to accomplish this farm boy look. Leia's costume was fairly nondescript in A New Hope, as was intended by George Lucas. The hooded gown was made from crepe de chine, and the lightweight material was comfortable for Carrie Fisher with an oversized hood and open cut sleeves. Her medieval style belt was custom built for the costume, and the look was finished with knee high white boots. In search of a "mixture of cowboy and more orthodox space sort of thing", Han's costume had to help define his rogue nature. A very plain Viyella shirt was covered by a pocketed vest. His blue pants featured tuxedo styled stripes echoing military style cues, and the red stripes appeared in stitched segments. A handcrafted leather gun belt and English riding boots completed his smuggler look. X- WING PILOT Searching for an appropriate pilot suit, Lucas drew inspiration from orange striped costumes in the concept sketches. They accomplished this look with an orange racing jumpsuit. Adding a nylon flak vest copied from a high altitude jumpsuit, a thin plastic chest box and custom made helmet allowed Luke and company to look like a battle tested pilot corps. GREEBLIES Repurposed real world elements were often cobbled together to add detail to the costumes. Pieces from vintage aircraft, electronics, and plastic models all contributed detail that was never intended to be seen close up, but rather to add depth and complexity. With no explanation or use on-screen, their actual applications were left open to viewer speculation. Dubbed "greeblies" by Lucas, he encouraged their use throughout all three films. The rebel fighter suit and Hoth uniforms featured some of their most prominent usage. REBEL HOTH UNIFORM HOTH SNOWSUIT HOTH JACKET In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke was now a full-fledged member of the Rebellion, and wore a mashup of the uniforms created for the Rebels occupying the ice planet. A khaki quilted snow vest worn over the standard Rebel hooded combat When the action shifted to the new production team outfitted Leia ina snow combat outfit. Maintaining her white palette, she wore a white jumpsuit with an off-white thermal vest. With a pair of gray mukluk style boots on Hoth, and later white leather boots in Cloud City, her simple look continued her established character continuity. Similarly, we also found Han sporting winter gear for his stay on Hoth. An anorak coat over the standard Rebel gray trousers and mukluks served to highlight his independent style. While the coat appeared blue on screen, the actual anorak worn was brown with faux fur trim. His signature belt, dual scarves, goggles and a well- placed greeblie finished his cold weather outfit. jacket had him set to take on both wampas and the Empire. A pair of replica Canadian mukluks completed his weather appropriate look. DAGOBAH TRAINING FATIGUES When Luke sets down onto the remote planet, Dagobah, he is about to go on an on-the-fly Jedi training course. Fortunately his jumpsuit was up to the challenge of the rugged Dagobah terrain. With removable jacket, he was able to train in the swampy heat of the jungle, and an ad hoc backpack proved useful to carry the diminutive Yoda around with him while he trained. YODA Yoda didn't have any costume changes in his screen time in Star Wars, but he's 900 years old, so we'll let it slide. With only a few accommodations made for puppeteers, the costum designed for the Jedi Master was a brown shirt with a mandarin collar and a heavily textured silk kimono. The outfit was heavily broken down to give him a hermitlike appearance. A leather belt and roughhewn pouches finished his rustic look. BESPIN FATIGUES BESPIN GOWN SPACE COWBOY Luke's two piece jumpsuit first appeared on Dagobah, but we found Luke's action on Bespin had him wearing this versatile "basic combat suit". It was comprised of khaki wool with large pockets on the chest and thighs and accented with smaller pockets on each arm. He wore a leather accessory belt (notable for still having a holster with a blaster) and boots similar to his snow boots. Breaking Leia's military inspired styling for the first time in the saga, Lucas wanted a feminine look for their visit to Cloud City. A fitted Indian top and harem pants made with crepe de chine in a vibrant color helped to offset the pale tones of the Bespin set. Over the suit she wore an embroidered sleeveless silk cloak with a quilted yoke. A silk covered belt and dyed flats completed the scene's look. After the icy battle, Han returned to a familiar but updated look. His shirt had been changed to a western style plastron shirt with asymmetrical collar. His jacket was remarkably similar to his original vest, but with a new arrangement of pocket and stitching details. His pants retained the same styling cues but were changed to brown with yellow stripes with similar boots and gun belt. JEDI KNIGHT (WITH CLOAK) JABBA'S SLAVE DANCER CARBONITE BLOCK Lucas was insistent that Luke's first The iconic metal bikini that marked appearance in Return of the Jedi be ominous and full of mystery to leave fans guessing where the character's path was headed. This was achieved by outfitting Mark Hamill with a brown cloak as had Leia's enslavement in Return of the Jedi was actually constructed of semi-rigid urethane. Soft molded to fit only Carrie Fisher, the costume was outfitted with silk fabric and leather linings to complete the bikini. Matching suede boots combined with urethane and metal jewelry pieces completed the "Slave Leia" look. Okay so having your face cast into "carbonite" isn't technically a costume change, but given the time spent by Han in hibernation, it seemed an appropriate inclusion. The real life underpinnings of his entrapment were actually due to actor Harrison Ford, as he was uncommitted to returning to film the series finale. As such, Lucas opted to keep his character's fate open-ended. previously been worn by his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. A stark black jumpsuit covered with a raw silk kimono was intended to both show his maturation and his possible fall to the dark side of the Force. ENDOR PONCHO ENDOR PONCHO ENDOR DUSTER Luke's only non-Jedi apparel was seen when he geared up for the Endor assault with a poncho and helmet. Production staff utilized two color palettes, with only Luke and Han appearing in the brown based camouflage pattern to aid in their differentiation on screen. His poncho was secured with a webbed style belt, and a molded plastic ring worn over a flight cap was the only other addition to the look. When Han took charge of the daring mission to disable the Imperial shield generator, he sported a duster style coat similar in style to his rebel assault team. The linen polyester coat was painted by hand in the same brown air-brushed camouflage pattern as Luke and it featured large cargo pockets and a large slit up the back. The attire worn under the Once Leia reunited with the Alliance she changed into a command team uniform similar to the other Rebel Leaders. A camouflaged poncho was worn for the mission to the forest moon. All of the forest gear was hand air brushed so that the pattern would be unique and not have a stock appearance. Worn over her tunic and gabardine combat trousers, the look was completed with a custom helmet and English riding boots. jacket remained unchanged from prior scenes. JEDI KNIGHT EWOK VILLAGE DRESS EWOK VILLAGE We first saw Han return to his vested look in the rebel war room, Once the cloak and kimono were shed, Luke was shown to be wearing all black. A western style plastron shirt with a raised collar and black pants gave a very fitted effect. Lucas wanted Luke to appear as old as possible, and Hamill was up to the task. A utility belt and tall boots finished his new look, and would throughout the rest of Return of the Jedi. While the penultimate Leia dress in the original trilogy turned out to be made by, um, Ewoks... Carrie Fisher pulled off the forest moon look in true princess style. Crafted with chamois leather, the dress was hand sewn so that it would appear to have been made by the moon dwellers. With an integrated crepe blouse and decorative cross stitching, but once he shed his duster at the end of the film, it returned as they celebrated their victory in battle. While the shirt worn as he was "unfrozen" had a slight continuity we found him changed into a cotton drill shirt with a fixed asymmetrical lapel and no button down lapel. While the pocket configuration on the vest changed slightly, the rest of his costume remained unchanged. erro it was both a rustic and casual look for her stay in the forest village. Hä SOURCES: Star Wars Costumes The Original Trilogy by Brandon Alinger, RETURN OF THE JEDI THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK A NEW HOPE MOVIES

Star Wars Principle Costume Progresssion

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May the 4th be with you! Yes, 2015 marks the storied return of Star Wars to the silver screen. But let's not forget our roots as we examine the principle Star Wars costume progression of Han, Leia and...


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