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Star Wars: Design With The Force

STAR WAR5 DESIGN WITH THE FORCE The original Star Wars trilogy not only broke special effects barriers, but also utilized groundbreaking design principles to create epic and memorable scenes. Incorporate these 7 galactic design principles into your next design. DEPTH CONTRAST NEGATIVE PERSPECTIVE SYMMETRY DIRECTIONAL REPETITION SPACE CUES DEPTH Depth is achieved by creating a sense of spacing between the background, midground and foreground. Place important focal elements on the foreground. Overlap elements on different planes to create layers. Alter color intensity of elements to appear closer or farther away. O CONTRAST Contrast is achieved by placing opposing visual elements side by side to create a dramatic mood. Place larger elements next to smaller elements to show dominance. Make smaller elements less significant, or the center of attention. O NEGATIVE SPACE Negative space creates drama and tension and provides a visual pause between elements. Provide breathing room around main elements to bring out focal objects. Create visual drama by having more or less negative space. PERSPECTIVE Perspective creates dynamic and visually interesting. compositions, allowing certain objects to become more dominant depending on where they are placed. Use lines to direct perspective, whether it's a one-point or two-point perspective. Use lighting, colors and angles to enhance the perspective of elements. SYMMETRY Symmetry creates balance and highlights a focal object. Mirror design elements on each side of the composition to maintain balance. Place focal objects in the middle of the composition to create symmetry. DIRECTIONAL Directional cues assist and ease the eye's navigation through visual elements and towards the focal point. 000 The most straightforward way to direct attention towards a focal point is to draw a line or arrow to it. Place objects in the direction you want the viewer's eyes to go. REPETITION Repetition emphasizes an idea through the use of repeated visual elements, creating strength and unity between objects. Repeat elements using patterns, lines and colors. Repeat elements in close proximity to one another so they appear to belong to the same group. VENNGAGE Create your own infographic at ээ Э

Star Wars: Design With The Force

shared by venngage on Dec 04
Learn the design elements present in the Star Wars movies and prepare yourself for what to look out for in the upcoming movie "The Force Awakens". See the infographic and full article here: https://ve...




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