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Star Wars Characters, Cast, History & Trivia

STARWARS Skywalker to Vader and Back Again Facts, Minutia and Weird Stuff Star Wars Episode 1 "A Phantom Menace" TATOOINE Ocher Planets Shown or Visited Coruscont Releosed May 19, 1999 ANG Noboo Production Cost: 15.1million Podrocing. onyone? Acording to Stor Wors lore, some historions suggest thot "Darch' is octudly o corruption of the Rokoton word Doritha, meaning "emperor" US Reverue: 529.9 millon intallicenceond bulds C3PO Darth Moul's unique dual-bloded lightsaber cu in holPThen he geca n St ireicocng In Episade 1 we ore introduced to Anckin Skiywaiker, O smort, šweet kid. Very un-Darth. OP 4 recgie dreids oboged Podme Amidolo's ship. He onsteem to recognire hir KAMINO Clone troopers ore OECones oP Jango Star Wars Episode 2 Ocher Planets Shown or Visited Coruscont Geonosis Noboo Totooine "Attack of the Clones" zormtroopere.. They Con Soves big money Relensed Moy 16, 2002 Production Cost: 120 million US Revenue: 324.8 millin Jango Fett, the guy who ll done trospers (and loter, stormtroopers) ore bosed on hos one clone who hos his own thoughts ond personalit- Boba. His son. Boba picks up his dod's heod. Not sure whot he did with it. In Episode 2, we start to see the impetuous side of Skywalker. We see possion ond onger. According to Yoda, Fear leods to onger, anger leods to hote, hate leods to suffering. Whot is Anokin ofroid of? Cood hair cuts? Angkin has a rot tol MeucOs Een pecple in spoce Jango wears shiny blue Mondaloran ormon- Bobo wears green Ee che some geor, ond Jango Fect's NP WOOKIEES Star Wars Episode 3 MUSTAFAR hor hove betcer "Revenge of the Sith" Released May 16, 2005 Other Planets Shown or Visited Coto Neimoidio Coruscont Dagobah (Deleted Scene) Koshyyk · Mugeeto Naboo Saleucami Tatooine Utapau Production Cost: 13 million 4 light sobe US Revenue: 375.8 milion In Episode 3, we see the Final descent of Skywolker into Voder. We olso get to hear one of the most controversiol things ever said by Dorth Voder: "NOCO000000000000000000000000000! Reoson thot Darth Vader Luke (and Leio) is born, Yodo and Obi Wan Kenobi "Good relosions wich che go into hidng. Yoda picks o plonet with horrible weother. Kenobi picks o planet with the Mos Eisley Contina. Ben parties, Yodo swots Fles. Now who's the master? You'd becber Theyre 4 Star Wars Episode 4 "A New Hope" Releosed May 25, 1977 in cisode 4 we sea Voder, in Ful regdlio. Por the Airst time. He is now the ultimote evil in the universe. All goodness is gone YAVIN 4 Our Rest view of Voden on Tonewe Shown on Visiced Howos oimo Production Cost ll milio of hordwore in che US Revenue: 101 bilic reer oble to The devi Really? Come on WolMart Given the most powens universe, Luka poinkiat hs Foce The Force is, Milions of Stormeroopers Star Wars Episode 5 During the scenes on Hoth, Hon Soto The whole Wampa" situotion hod to be.. en nto the scrpe Co exp kes the reason to CUFF Luke nto she HOTH "The Empire Strikes Back" Released May 21, 1980 Production Cost: 18 millon Other Planets Shown or Visited Bespin Dogobah US Revenue: 591.3 million Yodo wos originally OFrog-lke . In Episode 5,we learn" thot Dorth Voder is Luke's fother Luke soys "NO00D000000001," but it's nat nearly os lame os Vader's line in Episode 3.when wos jute the original triogy Wthe Triogu Ebot hod a Aull-sized mdalof rh In Episode 6. Vader becomes sk walker ogoft h his fnal mements, his love for fis son oversides his dark side, ond he Chucks the Emperor down center Pt Df thể Decth Storv He is the one who brisos bolance ta the Force. ehdedtut Fother kiows best. ENDOR Oeher Planets Star Wars Episode 6 Shown on Visited Bespin (Added Scenel Dogobah Coruscant (Added Scene) Noboo (Added Scene) Totoolne "Return of the Jedi" Released May 25, 1983 Production Cost: 32.5 milion US Revenue: 5784 milion The Bkrole byookies Elu ond cepoin che Milenniur Falcon, thoo Wookiees wene too Oeignallysated to be calle "Revenge.or eJeo plot. Too bod wookines lore awesome. Ewoks Luke Skywclker completes his Jedi troining by returning to bottle Dorth Voder. Most Folks think thot luke will be the one to bring bolance bock to the universe, but - he's redly just there to bring Anokin book oround. Thot, and to carry Yoda in a bockpock oppeor in this i but wos odded ofter consulcation wch child psychologists made Cieorge Lucos decide he neet Vodens cloim her he is Luke Character Timeline - Births, First Appearances and Deaths Episode 1 The Phontom Menoce Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Episode 4 Episode 2 ACtack of the Clones Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Bock Episode 6 Return of the Jedi New Норе Kined bg Luke Skiywolker and Emperor Polpotine oboerd Deoth Stor 2, Derk Side Colling Anakin Skywalker Raly,c Kid? Ugh Rot Tal? C'mon Darth Vader Dt not before he turns bock into Anakin. Vader technicoly. never dies. Evil Personified Killed E Dorth Voder Obi-Wan Kenobi A Little Older ond Duller You Get the Idea Emperial Druiser Made Like scream. YOung ond out Padme Amidala Dies ot the hands of Angkin Skywolker but not perore giving birth to Luke & Leio, Who were gient bobies Joil Boit Hubbo Hubbo Dies of being reoly, realit, real Super duper Yoda No spring chicken Super Old, But not seen Kind of old pelder R2-02 Woc000 (Also gets shot) Boop dunja Qui-Gon Jinn . Cets killed by Dorth Maul. Mace Windu Killed by Emperor Polpotine and Anakin Skywalker Bodder than Bd Tougher than Tough Count Dooku Anakin Skywolker First cuts ofF his hond, then lops off his head. Kind of Creepy Jaddta fuan Bobo Fett He Falls into the Soarloc Pit. Reolly, not the coolest way to buy the Farm. Picks Up Dod's Head 3 mes Ins.on fome Jabba the Hutt Princess Leio chokes the big mon with the chain she's ottoched to. very fob Obese Tubby Eige We get to meet Chewbacco First on Kashyyk, while he is helping to get Yodo into Chewbacco Chewie k cope pod We see thet re thôn ở wolking corpet. Imitated by CSPO Beats C3P0 ot chesS Princess Leia Leia s born as Podme Amidala dies in birth. Coptured by Voder Lives hoppily ever chter Luke Skywalker Luke is Leio's bwin and thie bobies pounders, At least. Blows up Deoth Stor is Hond Kils Dod. Wins. Han Solo Han Solo is such a bod ass, he hod to be around Forever,. but we don't see him until the Contino scene. Blosts Greedo In live a Fraten Thowed and Angry

Star Wars Characters, Cast, History & Trivia

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Over the course of six movies, the role of Darth Vader was played by several people. In the original trilogy that launched in 1977, actor James Earl Jones was the voice for Vader while David Prowse pl...


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