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Star Trek Timeline

Star Trek timeline (1986-2379) 2012 Zetram Cochras is born finst human to invent ware drive 2063 Human inventio of warp drive First contact with 202s-53 Werld war 600m people klled in uclear holocausts Vulcans FILMS 2040s 20sos O 20o 2030s O star The Seurdtpod 2020 Sar tre he ndodCaty 221o Nerand Spck hack intime 154and 131 yars mpectively creatingaatematie imele 2200 2vos 2200s 2220 O sar it Cortat (20 Star Trek ition 23 2190 USterpre Star freke U 21 Entergrise-4p 2190 TeentieunINtum tm *The ae he . 2340 2302 0 218s 2103 Earth colonises TV SERIES 233 The Drin -2n Ihe ktet wing- Mars 232 he tGeetion 4 AOF DETA IOe o e -2 2161 Foundation of the United Federation of Panets 2360s 2245 Kirk given command of the uSS Enterprise 2370s 1993-1996 Dep e Eugenics Wars veah, that happened eplorationafthe Gat Quadt he (10 Launch of Earth's first Warp S capable tarship Real world timeline (1966-2013) when he dein Captains log, stardate oasis As the UAE prepares to enjoy Star Trek Into Darkness – the 12th film in the sci-fi series – we found that following the USS Enterprise's trips through space and time can be a tad confusing. Before you watch Captain Kirk and his crew take on another mastermind of intergalactic mayhem, keep track of their travels with this handy guide by Lee McGorie 2010 1300 2120 2240

Star Trek Timeline

shared by mcgorie on May 19
Timeline of the events in Star Trek series and movies, celebrating the release of the new movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.


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