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Star Trek Movie Villains

Star Trek Movie Villains (Because there are too many villains to do them across the series without watching them or going into every single episode synopsis and making a giant database - trust me I tried) Main villains across all By my count, I may have I don't think I did but hey missed a couple... I tried. films. TOS 26- TNG AR TOS=The Original Series TNG=The Next Generation AR=Alternative Reality The most villains species (shocking and completely unexpected results) across all the films. This might be a bit "speciest" but since it is fiction I didn't think anyone would mind. 2 The following are what I consider (and a few other on the internet from "top ten lists" and the such) the top villains based on their evil deeds and other such factors. I may have missed out your personal favorites, don't take it personally. Also I couldn't order them, it is alphabetical. So hold your horse on the hate mail. BORG DUI QUEEN Why? 1 Serves as 'central nexus' for the Borg. Thought of herself as Perfect, bit Hitler esque. 2 Tried to prevent First contact of earth and assimilate the entire race, like cybermen (they came first in the world of fiction). 3 Is indredibly cruel to Data. He gets all confused by his human skin, she then 'seduces him'. Data could do better. KHAN WARNING *SPOILERS* BELOUW Does this need any explanation? Really? FINE! Only movie khan stuff BTW. WRATH OF KHAN INTO DARKNESS 2 Does a bit 3 His actions 1 Kills killed Spock. Admiral Pike and 3 His actions killed 1 Used an 2 The leg break is "eel" thing more on Chekov. torturing. Never a good thing. brutal and loads more. Marcus, ALL I AM SAYING. KRUGE Well this guy is a tad ruthless. 1 Kills David Marcus - Kirks son after holding them hostage. 2 Forces Kirk to destroy 3Holds a rejuvenated the Enterprise. That is right 'forces'... He is getting the blame deal with it. Captain Spock hostage "but he is dead" i hear you say, *Spoilers*. NERO This guy keeps having tantrums, and then killing people during them. 1 Destroys USS Kelvin and 2 Destroys Vulcan and kills Captain Richard Robau and makes Spock watch, both Spocks! AHA spoilers. 3 Tries to destroy Earth and with the same black hole technology. Seriously needs to chill. Captain George Kirk. SCRAN Bit obsessive this guy. 1 Wanted to blow up two 2 His actions lead to stars and destroy a planet for the 'nexus' cause it is so great apparently. 3 Became best buddies Admiral Kirks death. with some Klingons, giving them means to destroy the Enterprise-D. Brought to you by: Energy Cloud Human uobu Romulan bJog Son'a Evil Whalers Clone Human Augment Whale Probe Thing Reman Ch ameloid Vulcan El Aurian Tepuix) pog

Star Trek Movie Villains

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I was asked to produce some "geeky" infographics. I did the research, content and the humour is my own




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