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Spider-Man and his Amazing Threads

SPID ER-M AN AND HIS AMAŽING THREADS Spider-Man might be the most recognizable superhero created in the last 52 years, but that doesn't mean he hasn't changed up his look occasionally. Untangle the web of Spider-Man's various costumes through the decades with a look back on what got his Spidey-fashion-sense tingling. 19 6 2 PROTOT YPE According to Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, the first person to draw Spider-Man was Jack Kirby, co-creator of Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, all illustrations of Kirby's version of the character - who had a half mask and a węb gun – have been considered lost. 19 62 ORIGIN A L When Steve Ditko was asked to redraw Spider-Man's debut in Amazing Fantasy #15, he also completely redesigned the costume. Ditko gave Spider-Man his iconic full mask and wrist shooters, as well as the web pattern on his costume and wing-like webbing under his arms. 1966 CLA S S IC Spider-Man's color scheme was originally black and red, with highlights colored in blue due to printing limitations. By the time John Romita, Sr. took over as artist, the costume had become fully blue and red, and the underarm webbing was eventually forgotten. 198 4 SYMBI OTE In 1982, a fan named Randy Schueller mailed in an idea he had for a new costume. Surprisingly, Marvel editor Jim Shooter accepted and bought the concept. The costume was fleshed out by Mike Zeck and Rick Leonardi, and the red portions of Schueller's design were changed to white. 19 8 8 M O DE R N Rising star Todd McFarlane took a few liberties when returning Spider-Man to his old costume. McFarlane brought back the underarm webbing and changed the blue to black, while also adding more lines to the web pattern and dramatically increasing the size of the eyes. 19 9 4 SCARLET SPIDER A clone of Peter Parker long thought dead unexpectedly showed up again many years later. Now calling himself Ben Reilly, he decided to return to the fight as the Scarlet Spider. The sweatshirt-and-bodysuit combo was designed by Tom Lyle to look like an "off-the-rack non-costume." 19 9 6 SPECTACULAR In a surprise twist, it turned out Ben Reilly was actually the real Peter Parker, and Peter was the clone! Ben took up the mantle of the one true Spider-Man (until it was later revealed that he'd been the clone all along). His new costume by Mark Bagley was a mix of new and old. 2000 ULTIMATE By the time Marvel launched Ultimate Spider-Man with artist Mark Bagley, the blue of the modern costume had lightened, and the underarm webbing once again disappeared. The size of the eyes and denseness of the web pattern varied depending on who drew the character. 2 013 SUPER IOR After switching bodies with Peter Parker and allowing him to die, Doc Ock (in Peter's body) decided to prove that he was a superior Spider-Man. His redesigned suit by Humberto Ramos was based on an unused design that Alex Ross created for the first Spider-Man movie. OTHER SPIDER-MEN Peter Parker (and his clone) aren't the only ones to have used the name Spider-Man. 19 9 2 2 Miguel O'Hara was a geneticist in the distant year of 2099. After an accident gave him superpowers, he became the first Hispanic Spider-Man. His costume was designed by Rick Leonardi to look like something a person in the future might wear to celebrate the Day of the Dead. 2 0 11 ULTIMATE II In an alternate universe, Miles Morales decided to become the next Spider-Man after inheriting the powers and witnessing the death of Peter Parker. Not only did Morales become the first black Spider-Man, but his outfit by Sara Pichelli was the first Spider-Man costume designed by a woman. SPECIAL COSTUMES Where's the Iron Spider costume? Or the Amazing Bag-Man? What about Spider-Ham? 2 01 4 SPIDER-VERSE Spider-Man also wore a number of special costumes that often lasted for only a single storyline, or that were worn by Peter Parkers from other universes. Marvel promises that every single one will make an appearance in the upcoming "Spider-Verse" event beginning November 2014 ON THE BIG SCREEN How well did Spider-Man's costume translate from the comic page to the silver screen? 2 00 2 M OV IE Award-winning designer James Acheson handled the costume designs for the three Spider-Man films. The eyes were smaller like the classic Romita look, but more triangular. To add dimension, the suit's material was given a scale-like pattern with a raised webbing pattern laid on top 2007 M OVIE 3 The symbiote version of the movie costume was just the regular outfit with a color change and a slightly modified chest emblem. 2 012 A M A Z ING To differentiate it from the previous films, designer Kym Barrett was asked to make the costume "different, but not too different; same but not the same." The result was a costume that did look similar, while also hinting at Spectacular and 2099 as possible additional influences. 2 01 4 AMAZING 2 The latest costume looks to be the most faithful one yet. Director Marc Webb went back to the classic look, and wanted the eyes larger in size. In combination with the brilliant white color of lenses, the new costume looks like it could have jumped right off the comic page. Hälloween Costumes WRITTEN & DESIGNED BY KATE VWILLAERT EDITED BY MARLON HEIMERL SSOURCES: ALTER EGO: THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST COLLECTION, COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM, COSTUMEDESIGNERSGUILD.COM, EW.COM, IMDB.COM, MARVEL.COM, NEWSARAMA.COM, SPAWN.COM, TALES TO ASTONISH, TWITTER.COM „com 19

Spider-Man and his Amazing Threads

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"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can." Boy...that song is almost as iconic as Spider-Man himself! Even though the classic red suit with black webbing detail is the most recognizable of ...


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