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Social Television: How Social Media Changed The Way We Watch TV

SOCIAL TELEVISION HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGED THE WAY WE WATCH TV (co) 8* in S t. y 12 V" With a name derived from the Greek tele ("far") and the Latin visio ("to see"), it's no wonder that TV was accurately named "far seeing". In fewer than 100 years since its invention, the television has been transformed from a means of passive entertainment to a whole world of social interaction. SHOWS AND ELECTIONS 2011 March 15 * ELECTION 2008 ★ USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: 22.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS @OFAdebates / @TruthTeam2012 Comedy Central's Donald Trump roast was 52.5 MILLION LIKES tweeted 27k times and becamẹ the channel's most-watched Tuesday in history. 1.8 MILLION FOLLOWERS #TrumpRoast 27,000 @RomneyResponse 12.1 MILLION LIKES Digital advertising and campaigning budgets doubled to $52 million THE 2013 AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER ELECTORAL CANDIDATES ARE CURRENTLY WAGING WAR WITH SOCIAL MEDIA kruddmp Note to self: when rushing out the door in the morning, make sure you take care with the razor. It is sharp. An instagrammed photo of candidate Kevin Rudd with a bloody cheek post-shaving 8000 LIKES got over 8000 likes and 295 retweets -- taking advantage of his 1 million+ Twitter 295 RETWEETS followers. Rudd has also hired Barack Obama's team of social media experts to hound his opponent with tweets, viral videos, and demands for another debate. THE VÕICE Since Season 3, SMS votes have increased by: Enabling iTunes voting increased total votes by: Topics that reached Trending Status on Twitter: 130% 5X 250 Audience members are the "5th coach" and can vote from home SURVIVOR Host Jeff Probst live-tweets his thoughts and reactions during episodes During the 2010 season, Probst did not live-tweet, and his Twitter handle was almost inactive. In 2011, for Survivor: Redemption Island, Probst started tweeting again. By the finale, he was receiving 50,000 tweets per day, which led to a huge ratings boost. DALLAS SOAP OPERA 197 First episode of Dallas airs When Dallas was brought back to TV after a 20-year absence, the show bridged the huge time gap by using the timeline feature on Facebook to post character bios. 1992 Last episode of Dallas airs 2012 Dallas is revived 228398 1486869 LIKES FOLLOWERS COMMUNITY When this popular NBC sitcom went off the air, fans went into a tail-spin on Twitter utilizing hashtags as a means of backlash. Some of the tags used included: #SaveCommunity #SixSeasonsAndAMovie #OccupyNBC NBC responded by continuing to produce and broadcast the remaining 22 episodes despite having announced the hiatus. THE FUTURE 100th Episode psych Syfy DEFIANCE TV SHOW VIDEO GAME This episode was filmed as a "Whodunnit" style murder mystery and asked audiences to vote live for their preferred murderer, ultimately picking their own ending to the episode. Due to time differences, the east and west coast endings each featured a unique ending. Small actions that players perform online can lead to big repercussions for the characters on the TV show, leading to things like: DISCOVERIES zeebox Z STORMS Can be played on Xbox, Playstation, Windows Console Works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry INTERACTI The app includes interactive tags that suggest relevant searches and provide contextual information that gives to-the-second updates for your programming. TAGS As of August 2013, 1 million minutes Allows users to see which friends are logged in, and who is watching the same programs. of engagement Social media has revolutionized the way we watch TV -- no longer is it a process of merely watching; but now we actively engage with the content, always demanding more -- and making certain we get it. H SOURCES eb-social-media-and-mobile/

Social Television: How Social Media Changed The Way We Watch TV

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Social media has revolutionized the way we watch television. In the past few years, social media and Internet usage around the world has skyrocketed. Despite initial fears from some professionals in ...







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