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So You Want to be a Rockstar?

SQ YOU WANNA BE A R CKSTAR? Ever wonder what being in a band is really like? Is there more than just sex, drugs and rock and roll? To find out, we talked to musicians everywhere about life on the road. Check out the stats below and see if you have what it takes to make it as a rocker. LEADER OF THE PACK WHAT BAND MEMBERS REALLY THINK OF EACH OTHER Key to Survey Results Singer Keyboard Guitar Bass prums Lead Stars show most voted for member in each category WHO IS THE BIGGEST ASS? 37% 22% 13% 21% WHO IS THE BEST MUSICIAN? 9% WHO GETS THE 47% MOST ASS? 17% 33% 17% 27% 10% 12% 23% 5% WHO STARTED WHO IS THE THE BAND? WORST MUSICIAN? 27% 22% 43% 17% 15% 23% 10% 21% 5% 17% TOP ROCKING CITIES CITIES WITH MOST LIVE SHOWS PER CAPITA 8 Million Bands on Myspace Music There are Music store sales in 2010 54% $5 Billion of US households have at least one musician in them Ticket Price Range Per City City Key and Rock Score Austin, TX- Madison, WI 100 $61-$70 78 $51-$60 57 Las Vegas, NV Denver, CO Milwaukee,WI Twin Cities, MN Seattle, WA Portland, OR Nashville, TN 51 $41-$50 44 $31-$40 38 $21-$30 36 $11-$20 35 $0-$10 35 34 DEATH METAL MOST COMMON REASONS ROCKSTARS DIE YOUNG Electrocution Poison 1% 1% Drowning Fire 1% 1% POISON Car/Plane/ Motorcycle Crash 18% Accidental 2% Drugs and Medical Alcohol Other 15% 3% Heart Attack 13% Murder 6% Choking/Stroke/Misc 12% Unknown 6% Cancer 10% Suicide 11% BRINGIN' HOME THE BACON WHO'S ROLLIN’ IN THE MOST DOUGH $ 60K $ 50K $ 40K $30K $ 20K $ 10K Wedding Band Touring Original Band Cruise Ship Bar Cover Band Music Musician Teacher MOST POPULAR WORDS USED IN BAND NAMES FROM SXSW 2011 Rabbit, Die VS Hot Twin Boom Sarah Rainbow Nick War Bear & Mother FOster Red Great ea Smith Sea Jon Forest Alex Lost Boys Gospel Mike- Whale Oh SMoon Jack Tony Matt Wolf Blue Cloud jonathan. Ghost Jones Dan David Uh Moon Jack Tony Matt CityEWhiteSteve BigJames Black KingYoung Dance Golden Kid Hands Tiger Project Jesse LosBrothers Light American. Birds Magic Fireriver MrE Animal Sisters, Andy Andrew Future Kids Long Dead Ray Graham Kurt Green-Lä eLove Joey Street Ryan Chris Dark Music Les Star Gay Eyes Burning , Diamond Ben Horse Dirty Atlantic Brought to you by: Sources: http://www.BandPromo.Me we make rock stars DESIGNED BY KILLER INFOGRAPHICS Annual Income Secret Wires

So You Want to be a Rockstar?

shared by IGEmp on Dec 11
This infographic provides information for people who are considering becoming a rockstar. Information includes how much rock bands make, what are the most popular words in the name of rock bands, and ...


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