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Sexy Halloween Costumes that Shouldn't Be

SexvE HSHOULDN'T HALLOWEEN COSTUMES BE Sexy Halloween costumes are growing in popularity as more 18-30 year olds are celebrating Halloween each year. With this rise in demand, companies are willing to make anything into a sexy costume, even things that really shouldn't be. Below are the most popular sexy Halloween costumes that shouldn't be sexy at all. Non-Sexy Facts About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1. They only eat pizza 2. They worship a rat 3. Their only human friend has a mullet 4. They live in the NYC sewer system 5. Their favorite word is "Kowabunga" Non-Sexy Facts About Freddy Krueger 1. He kills people in their sleep 2. Um... his face, have you seen it? 3. Horizontal stripes are not slimming 4. His right hand has blades for nails 5. He desperately needs a shower Non-Sexy Facts About Mummies 1. They are extremely old 2. Their bodies are decaying 3. They are dead 4. They always wear white after Labor Day 5. They're very boney and a protein shake won't help Non-Sexy Facts About Optimus Prime 1. He's an alien 2. He's a robot 3. When he's not a robot he's a truck 4. His BFF is a little boy 5. He has cankles Non-Sexy Facts About Chucky 1. He's a doll 2. He's 3 feet tall 3. He's got a bit of a temper 4. He kind of wants to steal your CHUCKY body to house his soul 5. He wears overalls Non-Sexy Facts About Leatherface 1. He's the product of inbreeding 2. He likes to saw people in half and not for a magic trick 3. His parents would be all up in your grill 4. Family dinner would include eating people 5. He's a mama's boy Non-Sexy Facts About Hobos There's really nothing that can be said here without sounding like a jerk, so you can come to your own conclusions for this one. K"llerought ntographics 2 you by copyright 2010

Sexy Halloween Costumes that Shouldn't Be

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Halloween is a holiday about celebrating and having fun being a character you are not in your daily life, but for many girls and woman it's a holiday to wear a sexy costume. In this infographic they s...


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