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Seventy Years of Bat Evolution

FROM KANE TO NOLAN: SEVENTY BAT YEARS OF Bob Kane era Golden Age Silver Age DC Comics era ABC television era Bronze Age DC Comics era Alan Moore & Frank Miller era Tim Burton era "Batman: The Animated Joel Schumacher error Christopher Nolan era era Batman 1939-1950 1950-1970 1966-1968 1970-1980 1986-1988 1989-1992 Series" era 1992-1995 1995-1997 2005-2012 000 777 CARDI ONLY 25 TWI MTDEI ISE WELL.WHATS THE MAT TER? HAVENT Y SEEN A PRETTY GRLE ABOUT TO ONE WHIC REMOVES FEAR FROM THE BRAN. Q MAKE YOU D ON'T TELL Me IT'O MAKE ME TAKE CHANCES. FOR YEARS,VE YEARNED TO KNOW THIS IS COMMISSONER GORDON, WHATS THE TROUBLE . YESTER CALLED ANE RECEIVED AN ON HIS LIFE THE SAME CALLED U COULD COME FROM MY KNOWINGs I'O KEEP THE SECRET! BATMAN'S CAREER COULD GO ON! AFTER ALL. WHO HASA BETTER RIGHT TO KNOW THE SECRET THAN Notable Ev ents in Bat History March 1986: Frank Miller's Spring 1940: The Joker and Catwoman debut in the launch of Batman's own, self-titled series. Oct. 1948: The Riddler makes his debut. (DETECTIVE COMICS #140) He remains a popular villain up until Joel Schumacher's 1995 film version of the character. four-issue long series entitled "The Dark Knight Returns" is published. The comic book Batman hero is dramatically altered into a dark figure. May 1939, Batman makes his debut with Commissioner Gordon. BATMAN AND APARD BAT MAN Detective Detective June 1966: Poison Ivy makes her debut. September 11th, 1992: New supervillain Harley Quinn debuts in the animated series episode "Joker's Favor." COMIES "BATMAN March 1988: COMICS 10 QUINI Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" is published. (BATMAN #181) DARK KNIGHT RETURNS October 1999: Harley Quinn who first appeared on "Batman: The Animated Series" makes her official KNIGHTFALL ROUBL BETWEEN THE DYNAMIC Duo July 1993: As the "Knightfall" series is unleaseashed, the newly created Bane villain paralyzes Batman after breaking the Caped Crusader's back. FRANK MIESER Batman comic book debut. Detective Dec 1941: The Penguin is introduced. (DETECTIVE COMICS #58) BAT NAN BATMAN BATMAN NIGH MING 1993: Following outraged parent groups complaints on the nightmarish and violent content of the film "Batman Returns," Warner Bros. enlists director Joel Schumacher to make a kid-friendly version of the Batman movie series. The resulting two films flop with audiences and critics and nearly destroy the entire film franchise. ROBIN COMICS 10 BOBIN MAST DIES! Robin- Follwing the success of "Dark Knight Returns" and "The Killing Joke, Warner Bros. hires director Tim Feb 1987: Frank Miller's 2003: Six years after the critical and box office disaster of Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" Warner Bros. takes a gamble and begins talks to reboot the entire Batman fran- chise with a relatively unknown independent film director named Christopher Nolan. A TALE 10 ALNT April 1940: After his trapeze-artists parents are murdered by a gangster, Dick Grayson joins Batman's war on crime as Robin the Boy Wonder. "Batman: Year One" is published. Batman is now portrayed as an intense and serious figure. Feb 1959: Mr. Freeze Debuts. September 1995: Dick Grayson makes his solo debut with a four-issue long mini-series. (NIGHTWING) June 1971: The first appearance Burton to helm a feature film based on Batman. of Ra's al Ghul. t witter @bla irerickson I

Seventy Years of Bat Evolution

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This infographic designed by Gonzo Blair charts notable characters and events across 70 years of Batman history. There's a look at the Joker, Two Face, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s...


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