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The #Selfie Phenomenon

The #SELFIE PHENOMENON SELFIE noun A self-shot photo, usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites. All kinds of people – from kids to celebrities – are taking advantage of smartphone camera technology and slick photo editing apps to not only show others what they're up to, but also look perfect while doing it. ENTER THE AGE OF THE #SELFIE... THE RECENT EVOLUTION OF THE SELFIE 2005• 2006• MySpace is the largest social network in the world and births the "MySpace pic" 2007• 2008 • Facebook's design encourages higher quality profile pictures Facebook overtakes 2009. MySpace in traffic Apple releases iPhone 4 ---****-** with front-facing camera User has complete control over framing his/her selfie 2010. Allows users to edit contrast, Instagram releases hashtags and more filters 2011 ........ brightness and color tones of photos 2012. "Selfie" officially added to Oxford Dictionary 2013. 2013 IS THE YEAR #SELFIE WENT MAINSTREAM The usage of #selfie first appeared on Flickr in 2004, but it took almost a decade to reach the masses. GOOGLE TREND: This graph of Google searches indicates #selfie notoriety began in late 2012. 100 80 60 40 20 2009 2011 2013 MAPPING THE TREND: This heat map shows #selfie searches are popular in North America and Australia. 100 WHAT'S UP WITH AUSTRALIA?: Kevin Rudd, who became Australian Prime Minister in June 2013, frequently shares selfies on Twitter, putting the trend in the country spotlight. THE POPE NOW POSES FOR SELFIES TOO: On August 28st, 2013, a teenager on a pilgrimage took a selfie with Pope Francis, and it was officially deemed the first "Papal Selfie." INSTAGRAM IS THE HOME OF THE #SELFIE Look to Instagram to fulfill all your #selfie needs. This app became immensely popular because allows users to edit and share their photos, creating works of mobile phone art. #SELFIEEE 150 Million 16 Billion 1 Billion + 20 Custom Users Photos Likes Per Day Filters THE TOP 10 SELFIE-RELATED HASHTAGS TOTAL OVER 41 MILLION PHOTOS: HASHTAG: POSTS CONTAINING HASHTAG: #selfie 34,924,648 The original #selfie hashtag grew more #selfies 3,692,570 than 200% in usage #selfiesunday 2,025,077 since January 2013, when it wasn't even #selfiesaturday 358,421 one of the top 100 tags #selfienation 229,775 used on Instagram. #selfiee 125,643 #selfiesfordays 94,581 #selfiecentral 68,577 #selfiemonday 62,395 #selfieee 60,118 WHICH CELEBRITIES TAKE THE MOST SELFIES? Twitter is a popular social platform for world famous celebrities to interact with their fans. Out of all the Twitter celebrities, Miley Ray Cyrus posted the most with 121 selfies. TOP 25 CELEBRITY TWITTER ACCOUNTS BY NUMBER OF SELFIES POSTED KENDALL JENNER @KendallJenner 35 MILEY RAY CYRUS TYRA BANKS DEMI LOVATO @MileyCyrus 121 @TyraBanks 62 @DDLovato 32 LADY GAGA @LadyGaga 27 ARIANA GRANDE @ArianaGrande 22 RUSSELL BRAND @RustyRockets 17 DEMI MOORE @JustDemi 11 ENRIQUE IGLESIAS NICOLE POLIZZI @Enrique305 11 @Snooki 11 LIAM PAYNE @Real_Liam_Payne NIALL HORAN ASHTON KUTCHER SELENA GOMEZ NICKI MINAJ @NiallOfficial @Aplusk @SelenaGomez @NickiMinaj AGNES MONICA @AgnezMo RICKY MARTIN @Ricky Martin AVRIL LAVIGNE @Avrillavigne JIMMY FALLON KATY PERRY @JimmyFallon @KatyPerry PARIS HILTON CHARLIE SHEEN @CharlieSheen SHAQUILLE O'NEAL NEIL PATRICK HARRIS VICTORIA BECKHAM @VictoriaBeckham @ParisHilton @Shaq @ActuallyNPH NOTEWORTHY SELFIE NUMBERS FROM TWITTER: MILEY RAY CYRUS: Tweeted 121 selfies, the most out of top 100 celebrities on Twitter. FOLLOWED BY: Tyra Banks: 62 selfies tweeted Kendall Jenner: 35 selfies tweeted BARACK OBAMA: Tweeted 0 selfies out of 1,463 messages containing photos or video, the lowest selfie rate out of top 100 celebrities on Twitter. OTHER CELEBRITIES WITH O SELFIES: Perez Hilton: 0 selfies out of 802 tweets 50 Cent: 0 selfies out of 403 tweets Instagram is also very popular with celebrities for sharing selfies. The celebrity with the most selfies was Kylie Jenner of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," sharing an amazing 451 photos of herself. TOP 25 CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS BY NUMBER OF SELFIES POSTED SNOOP DOGG snoopdogg 271 KYLIE JENNER ARIANA GRANDE KENDALL JENNER KIM KARDASHIAN kendalljenner 236 kimkardashian kyliejenner 451 arianagrande 243 216 KHLOE KARDASHIAN khloekardashian 182 AUSTIN MAHONE JUSTIN BIEBER KAT VON D RIHANNA badgirlriri 190 austinmahone justinbieber thekatvond 196 191 174 ASHLEY BENSON WIZ KHALIFA mistercap 118 SHAY MITCHELL DRAYA MICHELE CIARA shaym 154 sodraya itsashbenzo ciara 148 137 115 KRIS JENNER krisjenner 97 JENNA MARBLES jennamarbles 94 KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN kourtneykardashian LALA VAZQUEZ TYRA BANKS abank 92 88 NICOLE POLIZZI snookinic VICTORIA JUSTICE victoriajustice 50 KEVIN DURANT VANESSA HUDGENS LEBRON JAMES easymoneysniper 63 vanessahudgens 62 kingjames 57 78 NOTEWORTHY SELFIE NUMBERS FROM INSTAGRAM: KYLIE JENNER: Posted 451 selfies since she created her account on June 19th, 2012, far more than any other celebrity. FOLLOWED BY: Snoop Dogg: 271 selfies posted to Instagram Ariana Grande: 243 selfies posted to Instagram OPRAH WINFREY: Posted 0 selfies out of 265 pieces of media shared on Instagram, giving her the lowest selfie rate of any celebrity. OTHERS WITH LOoW NUMBERS OF SELFIES: P. Diddy: 4 selfies out of 1,601 Instagram posts Ellen DeGeneres: 4 selfies out of 839 Instagram posts And while Miley didn't reach the top 25 total selfie posters on Instagram, out of all the celebrities, she still had the highest rate of selfies posted per piece of media shared at 39%. TOTAL SELFIES POSTED BY THE 50 MOST FOLLOWED CELEBRITIES: INSTAGRAM VS TWITTER 3933 347 Percentage of celebrity Instagram posts that are Percentage of celebrity tweets that are selfies: 2% selfies: 11% FRONT-FACING CAMERAS WERE ONLY THE BEGINNING Selfie enthusiasts can take advantage of new technology created to meet the growing demands of smartphone and tablet photographers. PHONES: TABLETS: Photoshop Touch Ps ) App brings powerful tools from Adobe's flagship HTC 8X & Droid DNA Front-facing camera equipped with an ultra-wide angle lens to include more program to your tablet. scenery in your selfie. CamMe App lets you use hand PHONE TABLET HYBRIDS: gestures to trigger a count- Phablets down to capture, freeing you || Phablets, like the Galaxy Note 3, may be another from holding the phone. Facetune popular device people App removes facial use to take selfies. blemishes and smooths skin. THE FUTURE OF #SELFIES We now live in a time when sharing your own photo online is not only common but also an accepted pillar of our digital identities, What remains to be seen is whether this trend is here to stay #selfieee Yet, if selfies are anything like our favorite guilty pleasures, they'll be an indulgence people will always find a way to POST sneak back into their lives one way or another - even after being told otherwise. ebay deals SOURCES:

The #Selfie Phenomenon

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Find out more than you ever wanted to know about the #selfie, including which celebrities are the most narcissistic when it comes to social media.


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