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Scarborough's Ten Ways to Make Smarter Bets on Casino Visitors

Scarborough. A SCARBOROUGH INFOGRAPHIC 10 WAYS TO MAKE SMARTER BETS ON CASINO VISITORS FOLLOW US ON Local market insight expert Scarborough provides an analysis of two different target audiences that are meaningful to the casino industry-adults age 21. and Casino Visitors (the 34% of adults 21. who visited a casino in the past 12 months). All adults referenced throughout this study are age 21- We know you know your own players, but by understanding the nuances of these two consumer groups, you can see the state of current Casino Visitors nationally, as well as the ways to reach potential visitors including your competitors' visitors By upping the ante on your outreach strategy with messaging tailored to the interests, activities and gambling habits of Casino Visitors, you can take your company from beginner's luck to high roller. Let Scarborough's in-depth report into Casino Visitors give you the house advantage. 34 37* ..... Generation X (30-49). of U.S. adults age 21+ visited a casino in the 1. Attract your competitors' players. past 12 months. By understanding who Casino Visitors are, you can better craft and target your outreach communication, whether it's to parents, GenXers, couples and more. 57 are 35 have kido age 17 and under. 2. Dazzle them with stage spectacles. Adults who attended a stage show/concert at a casino:* "past 12 months See. Sorbomgh USA Sdy. Ren 2.2e 0200sat 27 they say of DER bull riding Ma ICE 182 MORE LIKELY THAT IS звAN AL MAN ALL A MORE LIKE ADLTS 29 Cnt tea TW lvelub TRAN ALL ADES 2 CARIY 29 Scarborough 3. Know what they're drinking-and where. When planning promotions with alcohol companies, it's important to know not only what Casino Visitors are drinking, but where they're drinking when they visit. Adults who went to a bar or nightclub while at a casino: Casino Visitors who did not 60* go to a bar or nightclub: more likely to drink imported beer in the Past month than all Casino Visitors 59* say they typieally drink wine. 40 drank vodka In the pe 30 days That's more than twice as likely as all adults. S S S 4. Indulge them in Surf & Turf. Considering offering promotional comps to upscale restaurants? Be sure to entice Casino Visitors with foods they favor. Casino Visitors who visited upscale restaurants at a casino: 31 Se Satrh UA-Suds Rle 28 toviait a steakhouse more likely to viait a seafood restaurant 5. Know the difference between Table Gamers and Slot Enthusiasts. "Winner, winner" vs. "Jackpot" Casino Visitors differ from each "Table ethe 61 of Casino Visitors who play tuble games, but net lats other depending on what type of gambling they prefer. Keep reading to understand the differences between table gamers and slot gamers" and be more strategic in your promotions and messaging. "Slet Gamers are the 571 of Casine r chines Of Casino Visitors: Slot Machines Only Table Games Only 4159* 79/21 are men are women (whe play slots but not table games) are men are women (who play table games but nat slots) 10 played online casine games in the past 30 days Hit me. 42 Casino Visitors who play table games, but not slots have an annual househeld income of $100K-, nearly twice as likely as all Casino Visitors 47 Table Gamers are more likely than 38% al Casino Visitors to agree they take risks when investing if there's a chance of high return. belong to Insert coins. Casino Visitors who play slots, but not table games JACKPOT 11 more likely to be Baby Boomers (50-69 years old) 17 have an annual 777 household income of played online casino games days disagree that they take riska when investing if there is a chance of high return 6. Understand that business travelers are distinct. Casinos are great places for conferences and conventions. Make your Casino a destination for high-profile industry events with strategic partnerships and programs. 13* of Casino Visitars took any domestic air busines trip in the past 12 monthe 39* Z 45 meny than aladste to fy Seuthrest 32% mare chan all adte te r 29% more likely than all adults to take 3+ domestic air trips for business in the past year. That's more likely than all adults. TOP INDEXING AIRLINES for Casino taors travning far busines 28. more likely than all adults to make company purchase decisions in the past 12 months regarding business travel or convention arrangements 32% peretcatenalladit do tednheate S Seto ay Ra een Stg 7. Get Friendly Online. than all adul y social networking is or accessing VIP 24% are 24% more 28% Table n al adults YouTube. ners sre mp bers-Only events. sino Visitors are 19 * onine 19% re kely than ali adults to check onlin more 28% sino Visitars S7 of Casocial engage in: networking 38% of Casino rs access Teble garmers are 40% more Educate Casino Visitors and make them more likely to hit the tables with online Table gamers sre 20% more all adults than all a heck online tutorials. Post videos that not only explain game rules and remind guests of happy memories, but also show off your resort. This is a unique, entertaining and beneficial way to engage with Casino Visitors. more lkely than all adulta to live in a heugehold that plana to buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months. 8. Appeal with targeted prizes. 28 Table gamars are almost x2 twice as llely. Thinking about taking up casino floor space with a brand new car? How about adding a new jewelry store to your space? By knowing what items Casino Visitors are in the market for in the coming year, you can gain an 19 16 understanding of the prizes and retail experiences that will draw them in to your casino. Additionally, show retailers why your site is optimal for their business by C Scarborough orely to lve in a to buy a tablet in the more likely to live ina household that plans to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months. 15 showcasing the upscale elientele you attract. more llely to live in a houschold that plans to buy a Bluray player or HDTV in x2 Table gamers are twice as likely an all aduits to h bought men's businese dething 32 16 more likely than more likely to Nave Bneppe a sporting goods store in past 3 all adults to have visited a day spa in the past 3 months past 12 months. 15 51 Slot players are 15% more likely to have bought women's shoes in past 12 montha. Table gamers are 5 more likely to have bought fine jewelry in past 12 months. 71 Table gamers are 71 more likely to have visited a day spa in the past 3 months. S St h 0O0 St 9. Reach them with Media. 91 of Casino Visitors watched broadeast TVin the past 7 days of Casino Visitors watched cable TV in the past 7 dayu 56 200 of Caaino Visitors of Casina Visitors visited a broadcast TV website in the past 7 days read a daily print newspaper 24% 21 of Casino Visitors visited a Top Radio Formats for Casino Visitors 25% Pop Contemporary newspaper webaite in the past 7 days Adult Contemporary 24% Se S is Country 10. What happens in Vegas actually happens in a few other markets. Hartford, CT Atlantic City, NJ Las Vegas, NV New Orleans, LA Atlantic City, NJ 39* of adults from the Atlantic City feeder markets of Baltimore, New York, or Philadelphia are Casino Visitors. 31* 13* h irt ly played slot machines played table games Hartford, CT 37 % of adults from the Hartford feeder markets of Albany, Boston, Hartford, or New York are Casino Visitors. S t y, tn Y La 10 53* 88* saw a stage show more kely to hawe more likely to have an annual houschold income of $25OK New Orleans, LA 28* of adults from the New Orleans feeder markets of Atlanta, Birmingham, Houston, Little Rock, Memphis, Mobile, or New Orleans are Casino Visitors. Me O Lool Maat ty 2.20020 Sotent 38 53* 13* are Baby Boomers are women more likely than ll Casino Visitors to be working moms Las Vegas, NV 50% of adults from the Las Vegas feeder markets of Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Phoenix are Casino Visitors. Sour Scarberh i Lag Lonngi ho La Matudy. Rk2202. 020sabog 16* 37* 2x played table games played slots as likely aa all Casino Visitors to be Hispanic Casino Visitors are a unique, affluent and exciting audence By understandng the top 10 ways your company can make smerter bets on Casino Visitors, you can improve your marketing mix outreach strategy and media buys. Scarborough has detaled data on casinos and we have worked with casino operators to dig into industry-specific issues. As the local market insight expert, Scarborough is able to provide both industry-wide analyses, and solutions specific to your casino (and your competitors' casinos) in your market. In addition to our syndicated data, Scarborough is able to to conduct re-contact studies using information for player card databases as well as current Scarberough respondents in order to customize solutions for your business. Which gambling segments provide the most revenue? What percentage of your revenue comes from each of your gambing offerings? Scarborough's Custom Analytics team can help you find the answers. Interested in a Scarborough Express Analytics Report made just for you? Contact us today. About Scarborough Scarborough brings the local market to life like no other company. With eyes and ears on the ground in neighborhoods across the country, we measure, reflect and analyze American consum- er trends and behaviors. Then we turn itall into accessible, actionable data services that shine a Contact powerful light on your audience or consumer segment. Scarborough surveys more than 210,000 people across the country to capture local consumer trends. We extend this information with services that enhance, integrate, and further illustrate the consumer story you are interested in telling. With an array of data, insight and analytic services, we help our customers tackle marketing and media challenges. And Scarborough operates at the speed of business. We know your challenges can't wait, and we strive to build products and solutions that meet your needs and properly reflect the here and now" of consumers. Scarborough is a joint venture between 855-807-2272 Members of the Press: [email protected] All Others: Scarborough Express Analytics Team [email protected] Arbitron Inc. ( and The Nielsen Company ( About Scarborough Methodologies A /Scarboroughinfo y @Scarboroughlnfo Scarborough employs a two-phose methodology to collect consumer information: a telephone interview (which measures newspaper, radio, and local media website usage and demographics) followed bu a mailed, self-administered consumer booklet and seven-day television diary. Scar- borough is in-field collecting data 44 weeks of the calendar year to even-out any marketploce disruptions or seasonality issues. Data is released to Scarborough clients twice per year. Anually Scarborough measures 210,000 adults nationally. GScarborough. ****** 18 BE THAN 24% MORE THAN 41% /23 NEARLY

Scarborough's Ten Ways to Make Smarter Bets on Casino Visitors

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Local insight expert Scarborough gives you the house advantage needed to take your company from beginner's luck to high roller.



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