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Salem: How well do you know the cast and characters of this American TV series?

LEM MARY SIBLEY played by Janet Montgomery Poised and dignified from the beginning, Mary is a natural born leader. It was because of this that she was chosen by the hives elders to lead the witches of Salem and complete the Grand Rite. She was once a kind and compassionate woman before she sold her soul to Satan, and described ANNE HALE played by Tamzin Merchant Daughter to Magistrate Hale and wife Mrs Hale. She takes care of the children in the orphange. Anne is a cradle witch, born from a witches bloodline, though she was unaware of her heritage till the events of Cat And Mouse. Despite her inexperience she appears to be quite powerful as was shown when she accidentally killed her parents telekinetically after she denounced she was a Witch. herself becoming darker afterward. She still holds onto some of her humanity, which she shows when she saves Isaac from being hanged. TITUBA played by Asheley Madekwe Tituba is ambitions, determined, faithful and mysterious. MERCY LEWIS played by Elise Eberle is an unassuming girl with a friendly, trusting disposition. She trusts Mary Sibley, which enables the latter to plant a familiar in She is loyal to the witches cause and will stop at nothing the form of a black snake inside her body; she trusts her father to ensure that Mary upholds her duty to complete the & the priest, even when her father takes a knife to slice her belly; and she accepts a private audience with Mary Sibley even after having discovered she is the one tormenting her. Grand Rite. Despite this she is shown to care for her mistress deeply and becomes jealous of the young Mercy Lewis. MRS. HALE played by Lara Grice Mrs. Hale is apparently a frivolous woman, who pays close attention to the appearance and the the neighborhood's opionions. In the course of the series, however,its shows that MAGISTRATE HALE played by Xander Berkeley He's a man of his time, calm and manipulator. Very protective of his family, he believes in his cause and is determined to carry on the Great Rite of witches in revenge for the abuses suffered by his family. Repeatedly clashed with the surge per- sonality of Mary Sibley, however, he is a faithful servant of the witches. Being one of the few bloodline witches and not a witch for diabolical pact, we don't know the origin of his powers. mrs. Hale may have a hard wrist with her husband and who deeply loves his daughter, so she would be willing to die. JOHN ALDEN played by Shane West COUNTESS MARBURG played by Lucy Lawiess is the last in an ancient line of German witches. She seems to share an incestuos relationship with her son. She wears clothes of rich fashion, with rich fabrics and adorned with jewelry and accessories that highlight the high social status. Little is known at this time of her personality. is pragmatic, stubborn and hot tempered. He is considered to be a loose cannon among the Puritans but is adomed particularly by the commoners of Salem. He rebels often at the Puritan way of life and is thought to be a heretic but he is also brave and gallant which he shows when he saves Anne Hale on numerous occasions. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in or stand up for what is right. ISAAC WALTON played by Iddo Goldberg Despite being cruelly branded with a heated iron rod and rejected as a morally degenerate outcast, Isaac has a largely COTTON MATHER played by Seth Gabel is presented to us in The Vow as a great orator capable of subjecting the crowds, a fervent puritanical believer and expert virtuous personality. He hold on to the memory of his beloved on witchcraft. He fimly believes in his cause, but after killing Giles Corey doubt begins to haunt him. He constantly keeps note of his thoughts on notebooks. Abby, the woman he was found guilty of formicating with 10 years prior to John Alden's return, who left the town the moming after they were put in stockades and publicly punished, and whom he hasn't heard from since. UPDATE ON SALEM PERSONALITIES

Salem: How well do you know the cast and characters of this American TV series?

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Salem is an American TV series based on the infamous witch hunts of people who are suspected, tried and convicted of being witches. Many people were burned at the stake which was the prevailing beli...


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