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The Saga of Superman

Daily Plamet DAILY PLANET 1938 2013 Est. 1887 Vol. CL - No. 29,297 Metropolis - May 2013 Special Edition 75 Cents THE SAGA OF SUPERMAN Evil Origins Identity Crisis Cleveland, 1932. Rejected by publishers, teens Jerry Seigel and Joel Schuster print their own fan- Superman's history caused a contin- uity conundrum for writers in the mid-1950's. To explain the anomal- was established that there were ies, two Earths in dimensions parallel to each other. zine titled Science Fiction: The Advance Guard of Future Civilization. Issue three contained a story, Earth-One was home to the new Silver Age Superman, and Earth-Two was now home to the original Golden Age Superman. "The Reign of the Superman, written by Seigel, about a bald supervillain with mental powers. Telling Them Apart The REIGN of the SUPER MAN Name Kal-El Father Team Jor-El Justice League Adopted By Johnathan & Martha Kent Earth In 1933, Siegel re-wrote the character as a hero, albeit much more rough and aggressive than his modern incarnation. In late Photo by Alex Ross The Top 5 Superman Artists 2 Earth 1940, editor Whitney Ellsworth Name Kal-L established a strict code of con- Father Jor-L duct for heroes, disallowing them to kill. Justice Society Adopted By John & Mary Team Kent 25 The number of var- iations the iconic 'S' Joel Schuster Alex Ross Max Fleischer logo has had so far. The number of 'official' versions of Superman in comics: Earths 1-3, Prime, and Byrne's Man of Steel 75 The number of years Superman has been in comics. Also the The number of DC story 35 issue of Man of Steel in which events with 'Crisis' in he died at the hands of Doomsday. Gary Frank Glenn Swan the title. MULTIMEDIA MUSCLE 2013: Man of Steel 2006: Superman Returns 1987: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 1983: Superman III 1980: Superman II 1978: Superman: The Movie 1950: Atom Man vs. Superman (serial) 1948: Superman (serial) 1941-43: Fleischer Superman Cartoons 2001-2011: Smallville 1993-1997: Lois & Clark: The New 1950-1951: ABC Children's serial (30 min, 2/week) 1949-1950: ABC Adult serial (30 min, Sat.) 1949: MBS Children's serial (30 min, 3/week) 1942-1949: MBS Children's serial (15 min, 5/week) 1940-1942: Children's serial, (15 min, 3-5/week) Adventures of Superman 1988-1992: Superboy 1984: Supergirl (TV movie) Pocket Change Superman Actors $138 Amount paid to Seigel and Schuster for rights to Superman in 1938. Kirk Alyn George Reeves David Wilson Lois Lane Actresses In 1975, Warner Communications gave Siegel and Shuster lifetime pensions of $20,000/year and health care as well as credit as the creators of Superman. Christopher Noel Neill Reeve Ron Ely Phyllis Coates Margot Kidder Teri Dean Cain $391 million Tom Welling Hatcher Brandon Routh Erica Durance Global box office tally of Superman Returns (2006) Henry Cavill Kate Bosworth Amy Adams WANTED: SUPERMAN'S TOP 10 FOES Kryptonite: Colors & Effects Green Steals powers, eventual death Temporarily inflicts random effects Red Gold Permanent loss of kryptonian powers Lex Luthor Darkseid Brainiac Doomsday General Zod White Deadly to plants Blue Deadly to Bizarro Pink Implied to turn Superman gay Kryptonite-X Restores powers, Parasite Mr. Mxyzptlk Bizarro Metallo Toyman enhances solar absorbtion Sources more-brutal-than-anything-lex-luthor-or-the-legion-of-doom-could-have-ever-imagined/ Brought to you by: Designer: Kingworks Creative

The Saga of Superman

shared by bogdan on Jun 18
Jerry Siegel (1914-1996) and Joe Shuster (1914-1992), two Jewish teenagers, high school friends from Cleveland, came up with the idea…of a “villain” named “The Superman" in the mid 50s. This ...


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