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Ron Burgundy’s Guide to Dress for Success

Ron Burgundy's Guide to Dress for Success If there's one thing Ron Burgundy knows, it's how to look good. Hair My salon quality hair was bestowed Aviators upon me by the Gods. I have no advice I can offer here. Good luck. Mirrored lenses give your eyes room to roam. 'Stache Keep your flavor saver well-groomed, as the power of a real man lies in his mustache. Helicopter Nothing says success better than arriving from the sky. Microphone (4) You never know when you'll be presented with a newsworthy story. With a lifestyle like mine, there is never a dull moment. SAN DIEGO Chest Hair Never shave your treasure trail, but pluck those stray grays. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I pour it on my Cheerios. IEGO Gold Ring When it's on your right| hand, it means your roller coaster is ready to ride. NEW Speedo Perfect for pool parties. Helps you show off your cannonballs. SEX PANTHER Sex Panther Banned in 9 countries. Contains real panther. 60% of the time, it works everytime. Robe/Kimono Weather report calls for high chest hair visibility and a 100% chance of makin' bacon. Flask A wallet in one pocket, a flask in the other. Welcome to manhood. Suits A fine suit can transform any boy into a man and make Sinatra look like a hobo. If you want to be wealthy, keep the color rich (i.e. mahogany). Baxter The Dog My best friend is so wise. He's like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair. Dress Socks Behind every impressive pair of loafers is a handsome duo of feet sheets. TEN SAN DIEG Jazz Flute Tie Confirm your ticket to Pleasure Town by the smooth handling of a delicate instrument. NEW It's simple really. Compliment your suit with a striped tie. It demands success. For a casual alternative, keep it cool with a matching turtleneck. Gold Watch Remember, your time is golden.. you are a big deal. Underwear Optional. Loafers Coffee Mug What better way to show you're prepared than holding a cup full of motivation? Keep the clodhoppers at home. Always look like you just stepped off a yacht. SAN DIEGO STAY CLASSY, PLANET EARTH ANCHORMAN 2 IN THEATRES DECEMBER 18 amc amazing. SM SAN DIE

Ron Burgundy’s Guide to Dress for Success

shared by StaceySD on Dec 18
This recently released infographic is based off the highly-anticipated film, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. As the leader of the top-ranked news team in San Diego, Ron Burgundy, is a man of ...


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