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The Rise of Mobile Gaming

GAMING and Artificial Intelligence 137 By 2021 more than 1 in 4 people worldwide will be an active mobile gamer The Rise Of MOBILE GAMING Today, In March 2018, By December, In 2019, CLASH aCLANS 83 MILLION 25% was the top-grossing gaming app in the App Store all-time downloads FORTNITE was released on iOS $64 MILLION monthly revenue of iOS apps are games Generated $1.54 MILLION per day 81% of digital gaming time is SPENT ON MOBILE APPS 8:15 Mobile Thuisdey, November 30 By 2021, Makes Millions consumer spending will reach on mobile games $90 billion *October 2019 In just one month*, the top free mobile games generate millions in revenue Cang CHIsh PIAYERUNKNEWI'S Homescapes BATTLETHINIS 15 $44 11 $31 10 $71 MILLION downloads MILLION downloads MILLION MILLION MILLION downloads MILLION revenue revenue revenue Engagement with mobile games increases by 10% every year GAMING Siga up nith Drives Advanced Tech POKEHON TRANERCLD Privy Augmented Reality AR) Mobile games were among the first to bring augmented reality to the mainstream Today, 81% 53% of U.S. gamers have played using AR more than once play mobile AR games AR brings games into the real world for a more immersive experience Top AR Games WÄLKING DEAD OUR WORLD THE GO JURASSIC WORLD Revenue: Revenue: Revenue: $1.9 BILLION $20.5 MILLION $6.8 MILLION Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an element in games since the beginning In-Game Al Features Pathfinding Plots the shortest path between two points Example: Pac-Man Non-Player Characters Defines complex behaviors for NPCS Example: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay screenshot via Microsoft | Store Superior Gameplay Al-enabled games can adapt and generate new content for a unique player experience Example: Sid Meier's Civilization® VI Gameplay screenshot via Spirit is a chatbot designed to identify abusive language between players currently used in online games Next Generation In-Game AI Self-Learning Personalization Games that adapt to what each player likes Characters that learn and grow just like people DeepMind producing flexible behaviors in simulated environments As mobile gaming grows, developers will need more advanced tech to keep up with the competition Al & The Future Of GAMING Gaming Drives Al Innovation malmol 147an Project Malmo screenshot via Microsoft Universe screenshot via Google DeepMind screenshot via Microsoft's Project Malmo: Uses Minecraft to test its Al's ability to navigate the world and collaborate OpenAl's Universe Program: Lets self-driving car developers train their Al algorithms by playing Grand Theft Auto Google's DeepMind: Set AlphaStar Al loose in StarCraft II to test its ability to learn with nothing but reinforcement algorithms AlphaStar is now capable of beating 99.8% of human players AI Powers Game Development As Al grows more advanced, games will feature Al-generated... Levels Graphics Open Worlds with more detail Games based on developers game design based on real-world images built from scratch, completely by AI and variation "If it takes a human between 12,000 and 20,000 hours of practice to master a certain skill, then the bots burn through *100 human lifetimes of experience every single day'." - Greg Brockman CTO & Co-founder of Open Al Al is already an essential tool for game development - from powering NPCS to expediting software testing AI Testing Checks the performance and speed of gaming software Runs through the entire game map in less than 1 hour Self-learning AI discovers things you didn't know inside the game Shortens the time needed to develop and release new games Sources: PinkLion is the only Al testing solution that works on Unity, Unreal, & custom gaming engines Take the first step toward the future – Let Al test your games DEVELOPED BY PinkLion.Al NOWSOURCING oSAGA 1111

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

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In 2019, Clash of Clans was the top-grossing gaming app in the App Store, earning $1.54 million per day. By 2021, consumer spending on mobile games will reach $90 billion. Learn more about the rise of...






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