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The Rise & Fall of Lil Jon

THE RISE & FALL OF LIL JON HIPHOP I What is it that propels an artist to the top of their game and then brings them back down so quickly? HOW THE “KING OF CRUNK" BEC AME A REALITY TELEVISION PAWN In 2005, Lil Jon was arguably the biggest act in Hip Hop. Dominating radio, the Crunk King was a raucous pop culture phenomenon. Several years later, Jon's audience appears to be low-end reality TV viewers and European fist-pumpers. This HipHopDX chart explains where the Crunk Juice went dry. DISCOGRAPHY & SALES O 2005 Dave Chappelle makes him a star with “A Moment In The Life of Lil Joh" skits. ALBUM GOLD PLATINUM MULTI-PLATINUM PUT YO HOOD UP Y 2005 Crunk Juice goes double platinum. KINGS OF CRUNK Y12 2004 Produces platinum-selling single "Yeah!" for Usher. CRUNR CRUNK For the curious: JUICE JONATHAN OTO 7 2003 CRUNK MORTIMER SMITH Okaaay! Kings of Crunk goes double platinum. ROCK The number of Gold & Platinum is Lil Jon's legal name. plaques Lil Jon's received, according to the RIAA. 2002 2006 Little Jonathan's Winery wins a Put Yo Hood Up goes gold. Born & Raised In silver medal for his 2006 Central Though Lil Jon resides in Atlanta, he did live in Bridgeport, Connecticut for a short Coast Chardonnay. A 2002 Kings of Crunk (Lil Jon's fourth album) shoots to #1 on the Indy charts and 14th on the Top 200. time and many of his earliest influences 2010 ATLANTA, GA stem from his time there. Releases long delayed Crunk Rock to crickets. No one gets crunk..or rocks. 2007 What?! Sets a Guinness 2001 Drops third album, Put Yo Hood Up. It hits #1 on the Indepedent charts. World Record with 12 A 1997 Drops aimlessly titled debut album: pound, $500,000 °Crunk Ain't Dead' chain. 2011 Lil Jon joins Donald Trump's latest cast of Celebrity Apprentice. Rap fans everywhere say, “You're fired." 1993 A 2000 Continuing the momentum from his debut, Lil Jon drops We Still Crunk (in case anyone had forgotten). 1971 Graduates from Ohio State & gets a job at So So Def. Get Crunk, Who You Wit: Da Album with 2 2011 Aw skeet skeet skeet! Owes the IRS $638,937 and has his house foreclosed. To our knowledge, doesn't sell his chain to pay his debt. Lil Jon is born. Da Eastside Boyz. nиmm 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

The Rise & Fall of Lil Jon

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Around the time that Rap was almost reduced to ringtones and instructional dance songs, a deejay/producer-turned-rapper named Jonathan Smith prevailed as not only the self-proclaimed “King of Crunk,...




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