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Rihanna The Pop Princess

TROPICAL SKY CARIBBEAN SUPERSTARS IHANNA THE POP PRINCESS BORN: ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOS REAL NAME Robyn Rihanna fenty AGE 24 198820h February ALBUMS "Music of the Sun" (2005) 14 Tracks Total Running time: 49:33 minutes (2006) "A Girl Like Me" 14 Tracks Total Running time: 53:39 minutes "Good Girl Gone Bad" (2007) 16 Tracks Total Running time: 61:01minutes RIHANNA (2009) "Rated R" 13 Tracks Total Running time: 51:56 minutes "Loud" (2010) 12 Tracks Total Running time: 54:10 minutes (2011)"Talk That Talk" 14 Tracks Total Running time: 49:06 minutes Did You know? if all Rihanna albums were made into one contiņuous playlist it would play for a total of 5hrs 19 mins 25 secs The mars rover, fook 255 days ПпН to get from Earth to the Red Planet NASA if NASA had put this playlist on a continuous loop | for the journey it would have played 1,149 times Princess of Social Media TOTAL Rihanna 60,252,844 25,541,293 85,794,137 Beyonce 38,528,541 5,477,514 44,006,055 Lady gaga 53,260,842 29,321,475 82,582,317 Katy Perry 46,218,872 26,343,129 72,562,001 Britney Spears 20,736,641 20,203,178 40,939,819 1,00,000,000 90,000,000 80,000,000 70,000,000 60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 Rihanna Beyonce Lady gaga Katy Perry Britney Spears Facebook like Twitter Followers TOTAL Rihanna is hugely popular in the UK with nearly 1 in 1O people owning one of her albums TOP 3 BEST SELLING Rinanna (UK) allbums(UK) Good Girl Gone Bad 1.85 million copies Loud 1.8 million copies Talk That Talk 850,000 copies How Tall? seso0 45000 42500 40000 зтв00 36000 30s00 30000 27s00 25000 22500 17500 How tall would that be if the top 3 albums were 15000 12500 10000 stacked up? 7500 Tallest Building Mount Everest Commercial "Talk That Talk" (Burj Kholifa) "Loud Highest Gone Bad Manned Flight Stratosphere "Good Girl Earth's Airliner Rihanna has sold over 20 million albums & singles in the UK laid out side by side they would circle the Earth 6.2 times -go around Butbud "Reach 2/3rds of the v way * Tropical Sky Luxury Holidays to Tropical Places each album would have been played 191 TIMES Height in Meters 2.577 imes uoou

Rihanna The Pop Princess

shared by LillaJade on Sep 27
Some amazing facts about Rihanna and her musical success as part of the Caribbean Superstar series by Tropical Sky


Tropical Sky


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