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The Remake-able Truth

The Remake-able Truth Original Remake Rationale Commercially Justified**** Original Title Year Released Genre Review Score* Adjusted US Box Office** Remake Title Year Released Genre Review Score* Adjusted US Box Office** Critically Justified*** Rollerball 1975 Action Sci-fi Rollerball 2002 Action Sci-fi Freaky Friday 1976 Comedy Fantasy Freaky Friday 2003 Comedy Fantasy The In-Laws 1979 Comedy The In-Laws 2003 Comedy Can't Buy Me Love 1987 Comedy Romance Love Don't Cost a Thing 2003 Comedy Romance The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974 Horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Horror Dawn of the Dead 1978 Horror Dawn of the Dead 2004 Horror The Stepford Wives 1975 Sci-fi Thriller The Stepford Wives 2004 Sci-fi Walking Tall 1973 Action Walking Tall 2004 Action The Amityville Horror 1979 Horror The Amityville Horror 2005 Horror Assault on Precinct 13 1976 Action Assault on Precinct 13 2005 Action The Bad News Bears 1976 Comedy Bad News Bears 2005 Comedy The Fog 1980 Horror The Fog 2005 Horror Fun with Dick and Jane 1977 Comedy Fun with Dick and Jane 2005 Comedy The Longest Yard 1974 Comedy Drama The Longest Yard 2005 Sports Comedy Black Christmas 1974 Horror Black Christmas 2006 Horror The Hills Have Eyes 1977 Horror The Hills Have Eyes 2006 Horror The Omen 1976 Horror The Omen 2006 Horror Halloween 1978 Horror Halloween 2007 Horror Hairspray 1988 Comedy Hairspray 2007 Musical The Hitcher 1986 Horror Thriller The Hitcher 2007 Horror Thriller Death Race 2000 1975 Action Sci-fi Death Race 2008 Action Sci-fi Fame 1980 Musical Fame 2009 Muscial Friday the 13th 1980 Horror Friday the 13th 2009 Horror My Bloody Valentine 1981 Horror My Bloody Valentine 3-D 2009 Horror The House on Sorority Row 1983 Horror Sorority Row 2009 Horror Taking of Pelham One Two Three 1974 Action Thriller The Taking of Pelham 1 23 2009 Action Thriller Clash of the Titans 1981 Action Fantasy Clash of the Titans 2010 Action Fantasy The Crazies 1973 Horror The Crazies 2010 Horror I Spit on Your Grave 1978 Revenge I Spit on Your Grave 2010 Revenge The Karate Kid 1984 Action Drama The Karate Kid 2010 Action Drama A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 Horror A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Horror Piranha 1978 Horror Piranha 3-D 2010 Horror Arthur 1981 Comedy Arthur 2011 Comedy Conan the Barbarian 1982 Action Fantasy Conan the Barbarian 2011 Action Fantasy Footloose 1984 Musical Drama Footloose 2011 Musical Drama Fright Night 1985 Horror Fright Night 2011 Horror Red Dawn 1984 Action Red Dawn 2012 Action Total Recall 1990 Action Sci-fi Total Recall 2012 Action Sci-fi The Evil Dead 1981 Horror Evil Dead 2013 Horror $0m $100m $200m $300m $0m $100m $200m $300m Coming Soon In Development***** High Medium Low Carrie (1976) Highlander (1986) Endless Love (1981) The Black Hole (1979) Escape from New York (1981) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) House Party (1990) Robocop (1987) Dirty Dancing (1987) Romancing the Stone (1984) Westworld (1973) Time Bandits (1983) Porky's (1982) The Bodyguard (1992) The Monster Squad (1987) Short Circuit (1986) An American Werewolf in London (1981) Overboard (1987) Little Shop of Horrors (1986) The Warriors (1979) The Crow (1994) Pet Sematary (1989) The NeverEnding Story (1984) Poltergeist (1982) Child's Play (1988) Logan's Run (1976) The Toxic Avenger (1984) WarGames (1983) Death Wish (1974) Police Academy (1984) Cujo (1982) Weird Science (1985) Flatliners (1990) Leprechaun (1993) The Swarm (1978) Cliffhanger (1993) Point Break (1991) About Last Night (1986) Flight of the Navigator (1986) Commando (1985) F/X (1986) Due to Metacritic not covering all original films, review scores based on composite rating of 6 sources (Metacritic, Halliwell's, MRQE, Rotten Tomatoes, & IMDB user ratings). Review scores for remakes are all sourced from Metacritic. ** Box office figures sourced from Box Office Mojo wherever possible. Box office figures are adjusted for inflation based on information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. *** Thumbs-up if review score for remake exceeds original review score **** Thumbs up if remake's inflation-adjusted US box office exceeds original's inflation-adjusted US box office ***** Development statuses are subjective Sources: IMDB, Halliwell's Film Guide, Wikipedia, MRQE, Rotten Tomatoes,, Movie Insider, Box Office Mojo

The Remake-able Truth

shared by numero on May 20
Box office and critical reception for Hollywood remakes in comparison to their original source material. The analysis covers US-based productions going back 40 years to 1973. A list of upcoming remake...



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