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Reel Dollars

myspace REEL DOLLARS THE FLOW OF MONEY THROUGH THE FILM INDUSTRY Behind every Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt is a lucrative commerce controlled by studio bigwigs and distribution giants. Here, we see how they make their money and how trickles through the film industry. O Film distributor: company/person responsible for releasing films to the public either in theaters or for home-viewing. A MOST SUCCESSFUL STUDIOS Within the last 15 years, Walt Disney Pictures made the most, with just over $24 billion in total gross revenue. Warner Bros. is at its heel, grossing $23.9 billion. FILMS MAJOR STUDIO SUBSIDIARY 423 Walt Disney Pictures 468 Warner Bros. 456 Sony Pictures 316 Paramount Pictures 332 20th Century Fox 311 Universal 203 New Line 77 Dreamworks 374 Miramax 229 MGM 0 10 15 20 (TOTAL GROSS REVENUE IN BILLIONS OF DOLLARS) HOW FILM DISTRIBUTORS GET PAID = $65 HALF DISTRIBUTORS TYPICALLY GET OVER WORLDWIDE MONEY SPENT ON FILM INDUSTRY billion a year ($35 BILLION) O THEATER DISTRIBUTION 12 TOTAL REVENUE FROM U.S. MOVIE THEATER TICKETS SALES* ONE *Based on annualized 1995 2000 2005 2010 data as of June 2010 THE SHARE OF THEATER BOX OFFICE REVENUE PAID TO DISTRIBUTORS VARIES BETWEEN TERRITORIES: UK EXHIBITORS' SHARE: U.S. EXHIBITORS SHARE: ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD: 45% - 55% 65% - 70% 55% 65% O VIDEO/DVD DISTRIBUTION O TV DEALS Percentage film distributors get from consumers: Percentage film distributors get from: RETAIL VIDEO/DVDS THIS EXPLAINS PAY PER VIEW SUBSCRIPTION TV STUDIOS' EAGERNESS 75% TO GET TITLES TO THE RETAIL MARKET 25% - 35% 25% -35% IN COMMISSION IN COMMISSION RAPIDLY. FREE TV: 25% - 50% 25% - 33% VIDEO RENTALS HOW ACTORS GET PAID ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ARE PAID BY THE STUDIOS THAT DISTRIBUTE THE MOVIES THEY WERE CAST IN. DEPENDING ON THE FILM AND THEIR REPUTATIONS, $40 MILLION TOP ACTORS AVERAGED OVER PER YEAR IN 2010 A PAYCHECK PEEK: HIGHEST-PAID HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES (2010)" Johnny Depp $75 million Sandra Bullock $56 million **Based on total from June 2009 - June 2010. Ben Stiller $53 million Tom Hanks $45 million Adam Sandler $40 million Reese Witherspoon $32 million Cameron Diaz $32 million $28 million $27 million Leonardo DiCaprio SOURCES: SKILLSET.ORG Jennifer Aniston IMDB.COM FORBES.COM Sarah Jessica Parker $25 million "US MOVIE MARKET SUMMARY 1995 TO 2010. THE-NUMBERS.COM (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS)

Reel Dollars

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Behind every movie start is someone pulling the strings. Apart from Keanu Reeves; there’s clearly no one home there.


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