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Redbox Movie Rental Trends - Saving Money on Movies

Movies & Shakers American Consumers Looking for Less Expensive Alternatives to Local Cineplex What does a movie cost these days? There are many emerging options for viewing films today, including inexpensive home video rental services that provide an alternative to increasing ticket prices at theaters. $17.50 $16 $15.50 $14.50 $13.50 $13 $3 Cinemas AMC Cinemas Redbox Blockbuster Video Movie Gallery Hollywood Video [monthly subscription] Which services are consumers using more frequently? Inexpensive options such as Redbox are quickly increasing in popularity, presumably due to shrinking discretionary budgets for entertainment. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY 08 JUN 08 08 08 08 JUL AUG SEP 08 ост NOV 08 08 DEC JAN FEB 08 08 08 MAR APR MAY 08 JUN 09 09 09 09 3.0 09 09 AMC Blockbuster 2.5 Video Hollywood 2.0 Video Movie 1.5 Gallery Netflix 1.0 Redbox Regal Cinemas Which companies are the most prevalent? Many of the larger companies have seen decline in market share in recent years and the year-over-year change from 2008 shows another possible changing of the guard. AMC Cinemas 3.9% 2.6% % of Mint Users using each service in June 08 & 09 Regal Cinemas 2.3% 2008 .2% = 1% Movie 1.5% Gallery 2009 .1% Blockbuster aOa Video 7% Netflix 11.7% 3% 8.8% .8% Hollywood Video Aåd 2.6% Redbox .4% 2.9% Dollars Spent per Purchase TRANSACTIONS PER USER Regal Netflix

Redbox Movie Rental Trends - Saving Money on Movies

shared by maggie on Mar 21
A classic first date used to be taking a girl out to dinner and a movie, but with ticket prices constantly going up, what was once considered a fun and inexpensive night out now can cost half of your ...



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