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Red Dwarf Timey-Whimey Time Line

This chart contains only the stories which achieve some type of either time travel or dimension hopping. Besides time travel and dimension hopping, there's also dopplegangers, mind doubles, Sources: Red Dwarf Wikipedia Page Watch every episode of Red Dwarf on the DVD collection Painting based on promotion picture for Red Dwarf Series X The Created by pearvert [dave columbus] RED DWARF Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Time Line Doctor Who isn't the only BBC show that knows how to mess with itť's own timeline... LISTER RIMMER The End HOLLY I KOLCHANSKI START HOLLISTER LISTER WITH TWINS HERE BEXLEY REALLY OLD LISTER Future Echoes LISTER Where is everyone HOLLY. They're all dead, everybody's LISTER meets two versions of himselE, old and young. PLUS his two RIMMER Me2 KRYTEN Kryten HOLLISTER LISTER RIMMER Stasis Leak LISTER KOLCHANSKI LISTER & RIMMERS room on Red Dwarf STER & CHANSKTS Ading before ged Dwarf loaves Earth Queeg Parallel Universe el HOLLY The alternate GIRLS meet the BOYS LISTER 17 years old HOLLY replaced by Marooned LISTER meets Hitler Timeslides LISTER in the future who invented the Tension Sheet LISTER gives 17 year old LISTER the tension sheet LISTER, KRYTEN, & CAT disappear after LISTER changes Young history RIMMER tries to gives young RIMMER the tension sheet LISTER, KRYTEN, & CAT reappear when RIMMER corrects RIMMER becomes -human after being dead history RIMMER dies in explosion and is brought back as a hologram Dimension Jump ACE RIMMER· ACE RIMMER explores the other dimensions looking for a worst ver- sion RIMMER than he met here Inguisitor The Inquisitor T& RIMMER erased by INQUISITOR THE AT & RIMMER still alive but O don't remember original versions of LISTER & KRYTEN The forgets original LISTER & KRYTEN New LISTER & KRYTEN O made by INQUISITOR LISTER uture KRYTEN saves New LISTER & KRYTEN killed by INQUISITOR thinking they're the originals PAST PAst FUTURE by INQUISITOR New RIMMER & killed in fight with INQUISITOR KRYTEN, RIMMER, & INQUISITOR erased by booby-trapped gauntlet restored to time line after INQUISITOR erased from time Hilly inexplicably disappears 200 years pass and they wake up having lost Red Dwart CAT dreams he Back to Reality turns into Duane Dibbley CAT really tums into Duane EmoHawk Dibbley when attacked by the EmoHawk RIMMER spends 600 years on Rimmerworld waiting for Starbug to Rimmerworld catch up Oswald moves to 4th floor and misses the shot Oswald forced to 5th floor by the boys intrusion. falls to his death 6th floor and LISTER Future versions of RIMMER the boys from 15 misses the shot KRYTEN years in the future Out of Time Dallas 63 Dallas '63 Dallas '63 Starbug explodes, the boys dies, and the dopplegangers never existed. Grassy Knoll Kennedy Assassinates Book Book Depository Kennedy Depository Kennedy himself Survives Survives Since the dopplegangers never existed, the boys are resurrected and back on Starbug Idlewild Tikka to Ride Airport '65 (was JFK Airport) KRYTEN head 2 takes over KRYTEN body KRYTEN Head2 Dallas '66 Deserted Streets- World ar War! Newspaper says Kennedy Caught in Sex Sandal KRYTEN head 1 takes the KRYTEN body back USTER saves the curry he ordered in India and RIMMER tricks LISTER into pulling lever to separate Starbug stored in Starbug's hold and strands him ACE RIMMER (2) Stoke Me a Kipper RIMMER leaves to become the new ACE RIMMER KOLCHANSKI (AU) Ouroborus KRYTEN JAU) - ISTER JAU-hologram Portal destroyed by Gelf trapping KOLCHANSKI in main universe baby LISTER LISTER leaves BABY LISTER under pool table USTER takes baby UISTER back in time Nanarchy LISTER finds HOLLY in his watch HOLLY Back in the Red HOLISTER Nanobots recreate Red Dwarf and the entire crew is alive again! Escape to an alternate mirror universe The boys are again 3 million years from Earth as if last season never happened Back To Earth Despair Squid causes the boys to hallucinate they trav eled back to the year 2009 Lemons Britain, 23 A.D. The End-so far. Let's see if there's t-----

Red Dwarf Timey-Whimey Time Line

shared by greenpear on Jun 23
Mapping out all the time traveling and dimension hopping done by the boys of the Red Dwarf.




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