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A Quick Guide to Beer Pong

A QUICK GUIDE TO BEER PONG BY PARTY PONG TABLES THE SUPPLIES the beer classic red party cups a sturdy table ping pong balls THE SET UP THE GAME An EYE-TO-EYE challenge determines who starts the game. Try & make your shot first while staring down your opponent. THE RULES One ball per player each turn Players take turns trying to get your ball into your opponent's cups Each shot made elminates that cup - an eliminated cup needs to be Finished, so drink up! Each team gets two RE-RACKS per game - when 3 or 6 cups remain they can be rearranged OOO OR SCORING Lobbed ball in a cup = 1 drink Bounced/Deflected ball in cup = 2 drinks %3D Team scores 2 balls in same cup = 3 drinks %3D TERMINOLOGY PARTY CUP: Once the ball touches beer in a cup it is considered a party cup until there is no beer left in that cup. If at any time the opposing team sinks your party cup you lose the game ISLAND: A completely isolated cup REBUTTAL: If your team is down to one cup & the opponent makes the shot, you have a chance to score & save the game From being a loss TIPS Don't stand too close to the table when your opponent is shooting because it gives them a better perception of distance. Good technique = Follow through all the way at a 90 degree angle into the cup that you're aiming for 90° When playing teams don't throw both balls at the same time. Always aim for a specific cup. Players can designate a "Foul line" beyond which a player's body may not pass when they are throwing the ball. Designate a table specifically For playing beer pong.

A Quick Guide to Beer Pong

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Learn how to set up and play a game of beer pong with your friends!


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