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Quadrilogies: Age of Fourth Films

QUADRILOGIES A GE OF FOURTH FILMS Whether you call them quadrilogies or tetralogies, one thing we can all agree on is that fourth installments are unpredictable. Often they're the worst entry in a series (Jaws: The Revenge, Batman & Robin), but sometimes they're considered as good or better than the original (Rambo, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). How will Transformers: Age Of Extinction do? Here's a comparison of previous quadrilogies with each film's IMD6 user rating and domestic box office gross (adjusted for inflation). The te $1.0B from the t icture st seller JAWS AWS o00 bock in theo woter 8.1 THE REVENGE 5.7 $264.4M 3.5 ROBERT ROY SHAW RICHARD JAWS 2 2.8 SCHLIDER DRIYEUSS $115.0M Coming to theotres everywhere June 1h $42.3M ONGNOR CANE GUDMAN "OAR SMAL ENSANGEN COMINO SOON TO A HAT NAR vou COMING THIS SUMMER THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. eed ho o te fee ou om Kyn ond co PERMAN 7.4 6.8 $456.6M 4.9 $309.8M YOULL ELAEVEAMANCAN FK 3.6 SUPERMANI $151.5M $31.9M PAMELASTIAINSON t b. ereocen. COMING THIS SUMMER. SIGOURNE Y WEAVER SIGOURNEY WEAVER WINONA RYD ER ALLENS 3 TIMES THE SUSPENSE. 3 TIMES THE DANGER. 3 TIMES THE TERROR, 8.5 8.5 ALAH 6.4 6.3 $250.4M $182.7M $106.4M $82.9M 11-26-37 Hor TE AINIURE O Rlr KN. UPWnt Tia Jonus. Indiana Jones-the new hero from the creators of JAWS and STAR WARS. abetu laaane, elala RADER 8.6 8.3 7.6 $614.8M 6.3 $426.1M $393.4M $351.5M DIANA JONES and the TEMPLE OF Dogm TNDIAAJORE LRSY CRUSRO O WIDNINou Mu 24 u TuATRIS EMW. TALLONE STALLONE The w ial Te wod in ty STALLONE This time he's fighting for hla life. They sent hin nanisson and set hin p to fal. But they nade bne mistaa They farget they were delng with Binba 7.6 7.1 6.3 5.6 $337.3M RAMBO STA PART FIRS $127.8M $104.OM $47.4M RALPH MACCHIO PAT MO RITA RALPH MACCHIO PAT MORITA Hary Sk First it was teacher to studont. Then it wa father to son Now i man to man The Next Karate Kid 7.2 5.8 4.8 4.2 $247.0M He taught hi the mind $215.1M KaraeKid The Karate Kid The Karate Kid Part $78.1M LAR SAN AATE $17.0M SCHWARZENEGGER SCHWARIZENEGGER SCHWARZENEGGER 8.5 8.1 6.4 6.7 TERM TOR 3 $387.3M RISE OF THE MACHINES $198.5M $133.7M TERVATI RR Irs NOTNG PERSONAL TERI $90.3M SUOR TERMINATOR 2 JUDGMENT DAY An Swa be t h et OS.21 THE GANGS ALL HERE. MEL GIBSON DANNY GLOVER MEL GIBSON , DANNY GLOVER gePesci 7.6 7.2 6.7 6.6 a GIBSON DANNY GLOVER JOr PESCI $295.3M $277.6M RENE RUSSO CHRIS ROCK |JET LI $221.4M LETHAL WEAPON MELGIBS $132.7M WEAPON RETHAL WEAPON MICHAEL KEATON MICHELLE PFEIFFER DANNY NICHOLSON • KEATON TOMMY LEE DEVITO CARREY KILMER JONES SCHWARZENEGGER CLOONEY' ODONNELL 7.6 7.0 $501.1M BATMAN ROBIN 5.44 $312.3M $336.8M 3.6 BATMAN. BATMAN FOREVER $186.1M RETURNS NICOLE KIDMAN O'DONNELL CHRI THURMAN LVERTONE JUNE IO TOH GRULSE I PLAN. NI BACKIP. II CIRICE. 7.4 7.0 6.8 6.0 $325.9M $318.1M TÓM CRUISE TOM L - 05:05.0n $211.6M $162.9M MISSION: IMPOSSIAIE GHOST PROTOCOL SUM MER 2 O0 MAY 22 -n Somcone has taken thecir love of scary movies one step too far. Sahving shis mysry is ging no bemunder TNGE As HIP, SCARY AND ENTERTAINING The most terrifying scream is always the last. New Decade. New Rules. 7.2 6.0 6.2 S CREA M $179.5M $174.3M $131.6M $37.7M M IHI BIGELT ACCLAINID NIV TILLIE RON VIS CAVEN Widkome to the final act. MYERS MURPHY DIAZ LITHCOW THERE'S A NEW KING IN TOWN HE'S IN FOR THE ROYAL TREATMENT The pra fry de ne 7.9 7.3 $565.6M. 6.0 6.4 $376.4M $373.4M $239.0M SHREK LCHAPT SHREKTHE THİRD 3D A MAY 18- MATT DAMONlIS.J THEY SHOULD HAVE LEET HIM ALONE THERE WAS 7.9 7.8 8.1 NEVER 6.7 THE BOURNE IDENTITY $225.9M $263.2M $166.7M DUU MATT DAMON OSUPREMACY BOURNE ULTIMATUM LEGA$115.8M JULY. 23.2004 c80312 JOHNNY DIPP KIRA KNIGHLY 8.1 7.3 7.1 6.7 $514.4M $403.2M PIRATE THE CURSEor TEACK PEARL HRIBBEA $358.0M PIRATES CARIBBEA $238.2M PIRATES CARIBBEAN DEAD MAN'S CHEST PIRATES CARIBBEAN AT WORLDS END STAND TOOCTHER ORFACE EXTINCTION THEIR WAR. DUR WORLO. 7.2 6.0 6.4 $429.1M $369.4M $352.3M TRANSFORMERS TRANSFORMERS TRANEFORMIERS JRANEFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION EVERGE or THE PALLEN a ROK N K SOKNRE CRU RIGUSN ES.24.09 an THEATRES ARR MAX a0 JUNE 27 JULY 1 SHIRTS DESIGNED BY: KATE WILLAERT EDITED BY: MARLON HEIMERL SOURCES: BOXOFFICEMOJO.COM, IMD6.COM C COM TRANSFORMERS BATMAN 1989- 199 7 INDIANA JONES ALIEN JAWS THE KARATE KID RAMBO 1982- 2008 SCREAM LETHAL WEAPON TERMINATOR SUPERMAN PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2003 - 2011 BOURNE SHREK MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2007 - 2014 2002-2012 2001-2010 1996- 2011 1996 - 2011 1987-1998 1984 - 2009 1984 1994 1981-2008 1979 -1997 1978 - 1987 1975 - 1987 UUEE

Quadrilogies: Age of Fourth Films

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Quadrilogies are sometimes gold and other times, well; we'd rather forget they ever happened! With the fourth installment in the franchise - Transformers: Age of Extinction - hitting theaters June 201...



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