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The Psychology of Abandonment

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ABAND ONMENT goodreads GOODREADS TOP 5 MOST AB ANDONED BOOKS* *THESE ARE BOOKS MOST FREQUENTLY SHELVED AS EITHER "ABANDONED," "DID NOT FINISH" OR "UNFINISHED." DIFFERENT NOT FOR EXPECTATIONS A far cry from the EVERYONE Harry Potter Series I'm a bit of J.K. ROWLING Fifty Shades a lit snob of Grey I am Casunl Vacancy embarrassed for all of us EL James DIVISIVE HARD TO GET INTO ELIZABETH GILBERT THE GIRL WITH Heroine seems whiny and ect Courageous, hopeful, humerous at times and very heartfelt self obsessed pray loxe THE DRAGON TATTO9 Slow beginning and hard to wait for something to make me care STIEG LARSSON NOT THE MUSICAL ICKED Read the book because I saw the Broadway show TOP 5 ABANDONED CLASSICS?* *BOOKS FROM OUR VOTABLE LISTOPIA LIST "MOST BEGUN 'READ BUT UNFINISHED' BOOK EVER." AMES -OYOE THE GLAIC BT.. CATCH-22 AYN RAND ATLAS SHRUGGED J.R.R. TOLKIEN LORD RING JOĊ EPH HELLER POINTS OF NO RETURN WHAT IS IT ABOUT A BOOK THAT MAKES YOU PUT IT DOWN? When an author is committed to doing something I hate I don't like the Weak Writing main character 18.8% MEMBERS Any combination of the reasons Bad Editing 3.2% SLOW, BORING Ridiculous 4.9% MEMBERS MEMBERS (or nonexistent) plot above 2.7% Extremely Stupid 2.5% MEMBERS MEMBERS 8.5% MEMBERS Innapropriate, makes Tnmoral 46.4% MEMBERS me uncomfortable 8.8% MEMBERS 3.8% MEMBERS 0.5% MEMBERS WHAT KEEPS YOU ON THE PATH? I have to know what happens Come back to it at It's the same with the right time films, I have to watch them to the end, no 25.2% matter how inane they MEMBERS 9.3% MEMBERS might be I judge a book by it's ending I'm usually pleasantly surprised that that an author can pull it out in the end 7.4% It's a compulsive habit I'm committed MEMBERS 3.2% MEMBERS to the series As a rule, I like to finish things. 13.4% MEMBERS 2.3% MEMBERS 2.6% MEMBERS 36.6% MEMBERS WHEN DO YOU ABANDON A BOOK? LESS THAN 50 PAGES 15.8% I Usually let go after the first chapter if it wasn't interesting enough. 50-100 PAGES 27.9% I once heard the rule when to abandon a book is 100 minus your age 100 PAGES 7.6% I have on several occasions set aside a book with my marker still in place only to pick it up years later and continue on. 100+ PAGES 10.6% I ALWAYS FINISH, NO MATTER WHAT 38.1% goodreads INFOGRAPHIC

The Psychology of Abandonment

shared by alison0000 on Oct 05
Looks at how and why people put down a book once they've started. As well as commonly abandoned books.


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