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The PSN Hack: It Only Exposed Everything

THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK HACK: IT ONLY EXPOSED EVERYTHING Brought To You By: VERACO DE THE COMPANY FOUNDED: SONY I MAY 7TH 1946 SUBSIDIARIES SONY SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT SONY PHOTURES Sony Ericsson „HOME Sony Financial Sony Life Sony Bank SOMAEN. Employees: Revenue: 167,900 $88.2 BILLION That's more than... That's more people than the populations of: ...The Cayman Islands the Entire GDP of Slovakia Aruba and. 107,000+54,305 $87.64 BILLION PlayStation 3 RELEASED: NOVEMBER 11TH 2006 PS3 Units Sold (as of 4/15/11) Online Subscribers 50,000,000+ 11,000,000+ That's more people than those living in france and sweden combined XBOX 360 Units Sold 55,000,000+ France: 65,821,885 Units Sold Sweden: i. 86,000,000+ 9,433,875 TIMELINE OF THE ATTACK SONY STOCK PRICE: (Closing prices) AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR JAN 11, 2011 Sony Files suit against Sony v Hotz Modder in Sony Computer Entertainment of America LLC v Modder et al. over releasing the root key for the PS3 JANUARY FEB MAR $36.36 PER SHARE APRIL 2 APRIL In response to Sony v Hotz, Modder declares war and announces 'OpSony'. The goal of which is to bring down as much of Sony's web presence O $31.87 PÉR SHARE as possible APRIL 14 Multiple Sony websites go down amid DDos attacks launched by Attackers $29.69 PËR SHARE APRIL 19 - 4:15PM PDT Sony employees notice that 130 of its servers are "rebooting when not scheduled to do so" $29.71 PÈR SHARE APRIL 20 Sony engineers first discover that data had been stolen From PlayStation Network servers $30.14 PËR SHARE SONY DECIDES TO SHUT DOWN THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK APRIL 21 Sony hires computer security and Forensic firms to help them $30.50 PER SHARE APRIL 22 Sony provides the FBI with information about the intrusion $30.50 PER SHARE IN A BLOG POST SONY ANNOUNCES THAT THEIR NETWORK HAD AN "EXTERNAL INTRUSION" BUT ISSUES NO WARNING TO ITS CUSTOMERS APRIL 23 $30.50 PER SHARE Forensic experts determine the attackers utilized very sophisticated and aggressive techniques to obtain unauthorized access to Sny network servers APRIL 24 $30.50 PER SHARE Sony contracts more Forensic teams to "determine the scope of the data theft" APRIL 25 Forensic teams confirm that $30.09 PËR SHARE customer accounts have been compromised, exposing names, addresses, birthdates, email, country, and Playstation login ID and password information $29.79 $29.03 PER SHARE APRIL 26 - 27 Sony alerts regulatory authorities in 12 states of the breach SONY CONFIRMS TO THE PUBLIC THAT THEY "CANNOT RULE OUT THE POSSIBILITY" THAT PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION INCLUDING CREDIT CARD INFO HAS BEEN STOLEN ---------- APRIL 29 Hackers claim to have access to PSN customers' credit card numbers and $28.31 PËR SHARE reportedly try to hold the data For ransom MAY 2 Sony confirms 12,000 credit card numbers and 24.7 million Sony MAY $28.80 PER SHARE customers' account information may have been stolen $28.44 PER SHARE MAY 3 Sony Chairman sends a letter to Congress detailing the attack SONY REVEALS THAT HACKERS COMPROMISED ANOTHER 24.6 MILLION USERS' RECORDS ON THE SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK MAY 6 Sony announces they have begun final stages of rebuilding the Playstation network and expect the service to be back online within one week $28.06 PER SHARE MAY 15 $27.58 PËR SHARE V 8.X.X Playstation Network services begin being brought back online with a new Firmware update $27.05 PER SHARE MAY 20 Phishing site found on a Sony server $26.59 PER SHARE MAY 23 SQL The Hacker News reports the Sony attackers used SQL injection to gain system access. MAY 25 Sony announces they will provide ID theft protection For Playstation network users $27.65 PËR SHARE MAY 31 Sony announces they will fully restore all services For the $26.74 PËR SHARE PlayStation Network by the end of the week JUNE 2 JUNE Attackers announce that they have broken into and compromised more than 1 million user accounts. Additionally 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million coupons were also uncovered $26.54 PER SHARE .------ JUNE 3 Sony Europe database leaked $26.38 PER SHARE SONY STARTS FREE GAMES, MOVIE RENTALS FOR PSN USERS AS PART OF THEIR "WELCOME BACK" PROGRAM $26.38 PER SHARE JUNE 5 Sony Pictures Russia databases leaked JUNE 8 Sony Portugal attacked $25.25 PER SHARE $24.28 JUNE 20 177K e-mails stolen and leaked PER SHARE From Sony Pictures France KEY ATTACK VECTOR: THE COST OF THE ATTACK Potential cost according to analysts": EXPLOIT APPLICATION FLAW The Sony attackers were able to detect a common coding Flaw called SQL INJECTION to gain system access. UP TO $24 BILLION |$171 MILLION +10 Already Spent THE COST OF PREVENTION SQL INJECTION LESS THAN $10,000 SCAN SONY Typical price For a static and dynamic application scan which could have detected (and suggested a correction For) the SQL injection flaws before the breach occurred. SOURCES: * specialized-consumer-services-us-sony-playstation-credit-cards-warning_8436469.html

The PSN Hack: It Only Exposed Everything

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On April 22, 2011 Sony announced their network had been breached, but released limited details regarding the attack vector. This announcement was a precursor to a series of new attacks against other S...


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