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Pop Culture in a Wheelchair

The Best and Most Controversial Fictional Characters in Wheelchairs Wheelchair-bound characters in pop culture are often played by able-bodied individuals. Many times, this leads to controversy on whether or not they effectively communicated the physical disability to the audience. However, some characters become beloved symbols for both the disabled and able-bodied communities. This list includes some of the best characters and also a few of the most controversial movie and television characters in wheelchairs. Lost John Locke Known as one of TV's nost tragic characters, John Locke's life is changed when his plane crashes on a mysterious island. being paralyzed from the waist down for After four years John regains his ability to walk. Though his experiences as a wheelchair user are only seen in flashbacks, they ultimately define who the character is for the entirety of the show. Glee Artie Abrams Being a wheelchair user, Artie is an unlikely member of the fictional show choir featured in Glee. originally controversy over the fact that the actor portraying him can walk in real life, Artie has grown to be a very loved character among Glee fans. Though there was Ironside Robert T. Ironside Possibly controversial our list, the 2013 remix of this TV character played by Blair Underwood is determined not to be defined by his wheelchair. most of the characters one on version This Ironside caution Robert T. display to disability but instead reveals anger regarding a bullet that left him wheelchair-bound of doesn't in regards his •The 2013 Ironside TV run was canceled after four episodes Million Dollar Baby Maggie Fitzgerald A fighter at heart, Maggie becomes quadriplegic after breaking her neck during a match. Sadly, she decides to give up on life realizing fulfilled her life's dream. The suicide continues to Fitzgerald a-2 a after she had assisted Maggie be a receives controversial topic community. in the Avatar Jake Sully He may spend the majority of the film controlling a genetically engineered alien body, but the main character of the world's highest grossing movie is, in fact, a wheelchair user. ex-marine forced out of service by his paralysis, Jake Sully is eager to prove that he's still a soldier at heart. An Forrest Gump Lt. Dan Taylor Lt. Dan Taylor becomes a big Forrest Gump's life after he enlists in the U.S. Army and is sent off to fight in Lt. part of Vietnam. While initially mad at Forrest for saving his life, depriving him of dying an American hero and to Dan is allowing him wheelchair dependent life, he joins rorrest as first mate in the shrinping business, and they become life-long friends. live a Batgirl Oracle Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, fought alongside Batman for years as the original Batgirl That all changed when Joker came to her door and put a bullet in her spine. After that, her role in the comics shifted to being a computer expert, team leader, officer. Fittingly, she became known as Oracle. the and communications Friday Night Lights Jason Street Introduced as an all-star high school Street is paralyzed in the closing moments of Friday Night Light's first episode. with the life he knew taken away from him, Jason Street is forced to come to terms with his current circumstances. Throughout the show, he displays courage, strength, and determination. quarterback, Jason X-Men Professor x Professor X was the first comic character to be portrayed with a physical disa bility and is li kely recognizable wheelchair-bound characters worldwide. Since his first Professor Charles Xavier with one of the most appearance in 1963, his telepathic skills served as a role model for has wheelchair users. Family Guy Joe Swanson Super cop Joe Swanson, severed his spine during an on the job accident prior episode of Family Guy. While his personality aggressive, he remains one of Peter Griffin's closest friends to the first is overly and an active officer with the the Quahog. Rhode Island police force. Born on the Fourth of July Ron Kovic Based on a true story, Ron Kovic is a Vietnam war Veteran who becomes returning Feeling government and the country he fought to defend, Ron becomes a political activist and brings light experiences he faced. anti-war after home paralyzed. betrayed by the to the negative An Affair to Remember Terry McKay Despite being engaged to other people, Terry McKay and Nicky Ferrante fall in love while on a cruise ship sailing to New York. They agree to settle their affairs and meet again on the top of the Empire State Building in six months. However, an accident Terry paralyzed from the waist down, she's too afraid to let Nicky see her that way and she doesn't show up. In the end, Terry realizes that it doesn't natter to Nicky and hell love her leaves anyway. ORollx Created by: Radiate Digital written by: Timothy Snyder and Elise Schwartz VANS POP CULTURE Z A WHEELCHAIR

Pop Culture in a Wheelchair

shared by eschwartz13 on Oct 25
To coincide with the airing of the final episode of the 2013 Ironside TV show run, Rollx Vans created a visual representation of the best and also the most controversial characters in wheelchairs from...


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