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Poker: Skill Or Luck?

Poker: Skill or Luck? Online Pokerorg There are 169 possible starting hands in Texas Hold-em 3 24 K 13 pocket pairs 78 suited hands 78 unsuited hands Hand Probability Odds AKs (or any specific suited cards) 000302 331: 1 AA (or any specific pair) 000452 220 :1 AKs, KQs, QJs, or JTs (suited cards) 00121 819 : 1 Each of these AK (or any specific non-pair incl. suited) 00121 819 : 1 AA, KK, or QR possible hands has different 00136 72.7 :1 AA, KK, QQ or JJ 00181 54.3 :1 Suited cards, jack or better 00181 54.3 :1 AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or TT odds of 00226 43.2 :1 Suited cards, 10 or better being dealt from as little 00302 32.2 :1 Suited connectors 00392 24.5:1 Connected cards, 10 or better 00483 197 :1 Any 2 cards with rank at least queen as 0.8:1 all 00498 191 : 1 Any 2 cards with rank at least jack 00905 101:1 the way up Any 2 cards with rank at least 10 0143 5.98 : 1 Connected cards (cards of consecutive rank) to 331:1 0157 5.38 : 1 Any 2 cards with rank at least 9 0208 3.81:1 Not connected nor suited, at least one 2-9 0534 0873 : 1 Upon the flop, the possibilities become almost endless. Fast and accurate calculations are required to make an educated estimation of your odds to win. 2. From the number of players at the table, to the cards in your hand, those revealed on the flop, turn and river along with determining f)= a cOs ns your opponents possible hands. pealer Late Positions On top of this, players must also take into account their position at the table - which can drasti cally change the games dynamic depending on where you are positioned! Pot Odds: 11:1 or 10% chance $500 Pot + $50 Bet to Cal As well as the pot odds, which is the size of the pot compared to the cost of calling a bet - and implied odds, which is a players estimation of how large the will become. And if that wasn't enough, players also must master the art of bluffing. How to read opponents tells, and how to read their cards based solely off of their actions during the hand. If that sounds complicated, it's because it is. And while luck can and does play a role in Texas Hold-em, that luck is nothing without a skilled player who understands the odds, their opponents, and the game itself. Name * of Final Tables 1 T. J. Cloutier 39 Which is why you see mostly the same professional players reaching the final tables of 2. Phil Hellmuth, Jr. 37 3. Berry Johnston 29 4. Johnny Chan 26 4. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson 26 4. Erik Seidel 26 * "Miami Jobn" Cernuto major tournaments. 25 & Dewey Tomko 24 a An "The Boss" Tran la Jay Heimowitz 24 23 And why in 2009, a judge ruled that poker should be considered a game of skill, not chan ce. Early Dositions

Poker: Skill Or Luck?

shared by infographicworld on Aug 17
In this graphic we examine the finer points of poker to determine if it is in fact a game of skill, or just plain old luck of the draw.


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