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PLANET OF THE APES CHEATSHEET Cornelius: Chimp who helps Taylor... and learns to regret it. Zira: Sorta hot Taylor: A man's man trapped on a Planet of the Apes. ape who Taylor makes out with. Dr. Zaius: Smarty-pants keeper of ape secrets. Basically a dick. The Lawgiver The wise orangutan of ape history links the last film to the first... for those who couldn't figure it out themselves. Brent: The Taylor-esque astronaut who fills in for Charlton Heston in the first sequel. Taylor crashes on post-apocalyptic Earth in the 40th century, where talking apes rule over primitive A bit short as Heston stand-ins go. Mr. MacDonald: The previous Mr. MacDonald's, uh, brother. Also nice. Irradiated humans left behind in the cities start to mutate and take to Taylor: Back again for the last 15 minutes of the movie. Just long enough to emote wildly. man. worshipping the Alpha-Omega bomb. Brent arrives in the 40th century and locates Mutants: Haven't mastered the whole face- peeling thing... yet. Good with schoolbus attacks though. A nuclear war has wiped out human society. Caesar begins to build an ape led civilization. Taylor, who subsequently activates the Alpha-Omega bomb and Mutants: Face-peeling, bomb- worshipping freaks of science. destroys the Earth. Cornelius, Caesar: Kinder and gentler in this final film, Nova: Zira and Milo The last girl in the universe. Bonus points for Taylor: She can't talk. escape in Brent's ship Caesar seems Apes become domestic mostly in it for the paycheck now. moments servants for earlier. humans. In 1991 Caesar begins to sow rebellion among the apes. Cornelius: Along with Zira, becomes a celebrity among the humans. Until he's forced to start shooting mofos. Cornelius, zira Mr. MacDonald: The other nice human in the and Milo arrive Zira's child grows to adulthood and takes the name Caesar. They are all subsequently killed, though Zira's baby is hidden from the on 1973 Earth. year 1991. Armando: One of the only nice humans left on Earth by 1991, and Caesar's surrogate dad. government and survives. Zira: Has a baby, trades it in for a fake, gets it killed, dumps it in a canal. WTF? STOFTH EHLWOU Governor Breck: Totalitarian, terrrible and a tool, Breck's cruelty helps fuel Caesar's rebellion. Caesar: Milo/Caesar: Switched at birth with an ordinary chimp. The only talking ape in town. Kind of a bad-ass too. Dr. Hasslein: Scientist who realizes Caesar will overthrow humanity. Wants him dead. Who can blame him? RISE OFTHEPLAETOF THE APES Will is the scientist who creates Caesar and secretly raises him. He may also be responsible for the downfall of mankind. (No, not from his Oscars hosting gig.) In what can only be considered an alternate timeline, Cornelius and Zira apparently never travelled to modern-day Earth and hence their Caesar was never born. But still, another Caesar rises. Granted intelligence from a genetic he comes to realize man is not ape's best friend.


shared by GeeGrl on Mar 24
If you're at all a fan of the original PLANET OF THE APES series, then you may or may not like this simplistic picture that takes a stab at summarizing all 5 films of the series.


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