Planet of the Apes

III (April) Caesar is discovered as the only talking ape and deemed a threat. Fear of rebellion builds. Taylor's ship reappears off the coast of A Plague from space wipes out all cats and dogs and slowly changes the genetic make-up of apes. (April) Taylor and team Interstellar space travel increases but California. On board are depart on an interstellar three talking apes. Milo. (June) Rebellion starts under Journey of discovery and reappear in 3955ad Cornelius and Zira who earth's infrastructures Milo changes his Caesar's leadership. Humankind is is pregnant. begin to degrade name to Caesar powerless to stop the uprising. 1972 1973 1984 1991 Widespread panic triggers Nuclear War. All major cities are destroyed. Humans are scattered. Human Milo is killed (June) Cornelus and Zira 1992 (November) After losing contact with Taylor's ship another team, led by Brent. is sent to track them down. escape. Zira gives birth to a son naming him Milo just as the army shoot her and Cornelus. Milo is secretly raised by Armando, The Circus Master. whilst under A Government program introduces apesS into homes as pets. The program develops and the apes take oVer domestic and manual duties. They are essentielly slaves. quarantine. Mutants develop and settle in the ruined cities and underground. Caesar establishes an Ape Colony and starts Brent Crash lands on the Taylor crash lands on an unrecognisable planet. He is captured by the apes and deemed a threat educational reform. Planet and proceeds to search for Taylor. Whilst there, the Alpha Omega bomb explodes destroying the entire planet. Mutants attack Ape Colony. Apes win but Caesar's son is killed teaching speech to apes 2001 and promoting equal status amongst humans because he can talk, by a rebelious Ape. Des. The Alpha Omega Explosion blasts Taylor's ship carrying Cornelius. THE PLANET 3978 END Milo. helped by Cornelius and Zira. EY S OF THE APES TIMELINE OF EVENTS Zira and Milo back He escapes with the help of Cornelius, Zira and Milo Taylor discovers that the planet is Earth and runs away to the 'Forbidden Zone' (Mutant Linderground) in search to 1973 attempt to make Taylor's ship operational and SUCcessfully launch it. 2040 Caesar dies5 without an heir. Government is handed over to an Ape council made up of mostly Orangutans. Over generations Caesar's legacy is forgotten arnd humans are opressed and treated as slaves. of answers. Linderground the Mutants Ape Culture evolves intoa heavily stratified sjstem: Gorilas forn the Military. Chimpanzees rule over science. medicine and art. The Orangutans take control over Law and Religion. develop a sOciety revolving around the idol worship of the mysteriouUs 'Alpha Omega' Device (an ultra powerful nuclear bomb). An Ape Backlash against military rule takes place and the Sacred Scrolls are written up which give law and order and societal focus once again. Humans rise up in Rebellion and start a Gorilla/Human war. The Gorillas eventually win and take control. 2220 2750 Gradualy humans lose al faculty of speech. They are hunted for sport by Gorlas. Period of Gorrilla Miltary rule. Time of rapid expansion and Agressive lawlessness. Humans lose al hope and retreat into a helpless. anmalistic ifestLle. The Timeline The Film Collection The facts and dates recorded here are only Planet of This area of shading This area of shading Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) the Apes (1968) those that are generally accepted by POTA statisticians. No reference to the comics or graphic novels have been given as these follow denotes the sections of timeline that have been covered in film. Numerals mark out which film. denotes a phase of time, in contrast to Beneath the Planet Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1970) of the Apes (1973) the date lines which a substantially alternative timeline. Tim Burton's POTA narrative has been similarly ignored. Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971) mark specific events.

Planet of the Apes

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Is the timeline within the Planet of the Apes films confusing? Get those damn dirty apes straitened out here.


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