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Pineal Gland : How To Activate Your Third-Eye?

The Pineal Gland The small, rice-sized, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ regulates your daily and seasonal circadian rhythms, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance. our body's perception How you think and feel every day depends of light. on the pineal gland. It is at the geometric center of our brain and is intimately linked to DID YOU KNOW... Conifer Pine Trees are one of the most ancient plant genera on the planet, having existed nearly three times longer than all flowering plant species. The Pinecone is the evolutionary precursor to the flower, and its spines spiral in a perfect Fibonacci sequence in either direction, much like the Sacred Geometry of a rose or a sunflower. Seventeenth century philosopher and scientist René Descartes, dedicating much time to the study of the pineal gland, called it the The Pineal Gland represented as a Pinecone is a sacred symbol throughout history in almost every culture around the world. "principal seat of the soul". He said it was the link between the physical and spiritual world Ancient Assyrian carvings, dating back to 713-716 BC depict four-winged God-like figures using a pinecone to polinate their depiction of the Tree of Life. In Greek and Roman history. Dionysus, later known as Bacchus, was continually depicted carrying a "Thyrsus," a fennel staff woven with ivy and leaves and topped with a pinecone. In Catholic traditions, The Egyptian Staff of Osiris, dating back to 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining serpents The Coat of Arms of the Holy See, found on the Vatican flag among other places, features a stacking of three crowns in shape to a pinecone. tribute to the Pinecone's immortality symbolism. rising up to meet at a pinecone. Buddhists all throughout history have shaped their hair into the pinecone shape to pay honor to the pineal gland's powers. Mexican god "Chicomecoatl" ("Seven Snakes") depicts the deity offering forth pinecones in one hand, and an evergreen tree in the other. Indian deity "Kundalini" depicted as coiled serpents rising up from the base of the spine to the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) in the moment of enlightenment. HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PINEAL GLAND? Today it is associated Sleep in Complete zż Darkness Get out with the sixth and into Meditation chakra the Sun Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans. Capable of seeing beyond space and time. Stimulates the mind The pineal gland responds to the bioelectric signals of light and dark, and meditation activates this bioelectric energy. A dark environment and it produces serotonin; ensures the pineal gland the neurotransmitter responsible for mood and energy levels. produces enough melatonin to ensure good, restful sleep. For the benefit of all at the expense of none

Pineal Gland : How To Activate Your Third-Eye?

shared by gladysbatenga on Nov 13
It is considered by many to be our biological Third Eye, the "Seat of the Soul," the “Epicenter of Enlightenment”, and its sacred symbol throughout history, in cultures around the world, has been ...




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