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The Physics of Santa Claus

THE WONDERS AND PHYSICS OF SANTA CLAUS HOW DOES HE DO IT? The creation, storage and delivery of the world's Christmas presents OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION. ABOUT 32% CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS THAT EQUATES TO 615 MILLICN CHILDREN WHO WILL RECEIVE AGIFT -ROM SANTA. + Based on 3 children per household, Santa wildeliver to 4205 MILLION homes SANTA'S SLEIGH made of honeycombed carbon fiber Matcrial for truss and runncrs is acrodynamic. strong. flexible and lightweight - ---- Santa has just 31 hours to deliver to 205 miliion households, he will have to visit: - 6,612,903 110,215 1,837 houses per hnu houses pe minute 2 ho1ses per seconc *3: hours of xmas if traveling time zones ecst to west EINSTEIN'S SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY THANKS TO SCIENCE && MAGIC Santa has plcnty of time to get the gifts to everyone. TIME RUNS AT DIFFERENT RATES which are moving relative to each other Also, to be ex a eflicient REINDEER HAVE ÇOLD FUSION POWERED JETPACKS SANTA'S MAGIC BAG How does he transport all of the preserts? Santa's bag contains a The North Pole is WORMHOLE perfect for a SUPER SECRET which allows his clvcs to instantancously transport prescnts from the North Pole while he's in flight. This helps him avoid back injury from carrying a heavy sack of presents. SANTA STATION It's always moving so no one can ever pinpoint the exact localion. To make enough gifts for all the children, Sana has 307,500 elves population of Pittsburgh, FA 306,211 working 2.000 hours per year with each elf producing one gift per hour ELVES NEED TO BE EXPERTS INA VARIETY OF AREAS TO SUCCEED IN SANTA'S WORKSHOP woodworking | computer science | locomotives | manufaczuring | industrial engineering | doll making But where do the elves make the loys? Each elf needs 9 sqf: of work room. This makes the workshop 615 MILLION PRESENTS Elves are paid in milk and cookies (1 foot cubed each) their favoritc things! makes Santa's warehouse L05 miles 2,767,500 SQUARE FEET 1.05 miles OOJIC OOD 20ft L 1,664 ft x W 1,664 ft O= I Walmart supercenter Average Walmart supercenter is about 200,000 sqft -SANTA'S WAREHOUSE IS EQUIVALENT TO 153.7 WALMART SUPERCENTERS S395 PER MONTH Average monthly energy bill for Santa's Workshop average energy bill $457,008 per US FoLsehold 2,392 SQUARE FEET avcrege single family home (16.5 cents per month per square foot) PRESENTED BY Show Thanks. Don't forget to leave milk and cookies next to the Christmas free. Sources pbs.orgitra/storewars/stores2.htrl plysics.orgiartcle quest os.ds'id=93 DEVELOPED BY'elves.htm N NOWSOURCING prople.howstuffworks.ccm/culture-traditions/holidays'santa-elf.htm C-things-you-never-knaw-about-north-sola-1C7E57750,17,5-hottest toys this-heliday season/3598433 onal-red-and-white-peppermint-candy-canes-96-piece-pail 0OC000JI0000I OOCO0DJ00000I

The Physics of Santa Claus

shared by NowSourcing on Dec 25
It's cool to geek out this holiday season thinking about the physics of Santa Claus. How does he do it? Read on to find out.


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