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EXTRAEXTRA Read all about me CARLA SALIBA - INFOGRAPHIC What's to know about me in a nut'graph I AM [Generation X citizen of the world at heart Canadian national with Lebanese roots DETAIL-ORIENTED AN ASPIRING POLYGLOT & CAN BE A BIT OF A CHATTERBOX AT TIMES GUILTY OF BELONGING TO THE CULT OF APPLE H THE MIKE TYSON OF WORD GAMES O ALLERGIC TO THE FONT 'COMIC SANS" creative thinker universal donor of joy social butterfly LIKES w... BOXING TRAVELING 52 # OF COUNTRIES VISITED BIKRAM YOGA PHOTOGRAPHY :::: 7# OF CITIES ONCE CALLED HOME # OF CONTINENTS LIVED IN SALSA DANCING READING I 6 105 ESSENTIALS OJA I MARATHONS 42.2km I 7x VAMARATHONS 21.1 km 2011 MASTER IN BUSINESS DESIGN Domus dcademy Milan, Italy my 2001 BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE Lebanese American University Jbeil, Lebanon WORDS I USE ONE TOO MANY TIMES PER DAY you know +20 imes CARLA'S CHECKLIST LINGUIST BOOKWORM [ of books I've read ] O pleasant M passionate M enthusiastic O multidisciplined O knack for learning fast O uncompromising on quality O do-whatever-it-takes attitude +45 times [ of languages I can order food in] like I CAN I CANNOT count to 10 in Cantonese sing the complete soundtrack of The Sound of Music text without looking at my phone make a mean key lime pie do the splits wink eat fruits with seeds stand the smell of coffee touch velvet whistle O all rights reserved • Design by Carla Saliba - Business Designer & Architect .. ..........

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What's to know about Carla Saliba, CEO of Infographicly in a nutgraph


Carla Saliba


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