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The Periodic Table of Storytelling

The Periodic Table Storytelling Structure Setting, laws, plots Conflict .03 2.0 Зas Ae Plot Three Act Structure Story modifiers chart by DawnPaladin An Aesop devices permalink: 2.7 2.3 Re Srs Anv Phl "Call to Adventure" primary subtropes: Adventure Rebuff Applied Phlebotinum Serious Burning Building Rescue The Call Has Bad Reception The Reveal Anvilicious Business The Call Knows Where You Live The Call Left A Message The Call Put Me On Hold .03 5.1 75 Cmx Msq Bti Tb Fandom & Ae+Identifier Audience Call Reception Area Desperately Looking For A Purpose In Life Forgot The Call Got The Call On Speed Dial I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin Ignorant Of The Call Jumped At The Call Missed The Call Red Pill Blue Pill The Beyond The Impossible Techno/ Babble The Climax Production Reactions Masquerade An Aesop -Trope name .05 1.7 1.5 24 1.3 Den Rcy Cl2 Wav Can Fan Recycled IN SPACE -Popularity in kilowicks (thousands of links to The Crosses the Line Twice Canon Fanon Hand Wave Metatropes Dénouement 1.2 2.1 its page within the wiki) Refusal Of The Call End Ria, Dx Sho Sus Refused By The Call Regular Caller Resigned To The Call Screening The Call Take Up My Sword Two Roads Before You Character Refuge in Audacity Willing Suspension of Disbeller Deus Ex Trope The End X Meets Y Modifiers Shout Out Machina 24 53 3.5 1.1 .13 .01 12 4.1 5.8 Chk Aa Dae Ass A Ls Tru Tt Fri Darker And Edgier Truth In Magic A Is Magic A Chekhov's Lampshade Hanging Ass Pull Protagonist Antagonist Archetypes Villains Take That Fridge Logic Gun Heroes Television 2.7 14 38 2.1 4.9 1.1 1.7 1.9 5.5 4.0 13 1.1 19 3.9 1.9 Mcg Ivc Scw lac H Kni Bbw Ib Wb Mad Wes Scl Bad Etw Rch Emp Jt Rur Res Et Sliding Scale of Idealkm vs. Cynicism / 1.2 Sealed Evil In A Can Knight in Shining Armor Badass Star-Crossed Lovers Justified Reality Is Uniealistk Did Not Do MacGuffin Mind Screw The Hero Idiot Ball Wooble Mad Scientist The Wesley Big Bad EvilTwin Archenemy The Empire Epileptik Trees Bookworm Trope The Research 1.5 2.1 2.1 3.2 1.7 74 1.6 6.1 1.7 3.8 .68 5.1 42 4.6 2.0 3.2 08 1.1 1.5 Bks Sq Aws Aod Ah Neo Tp Fln Ccl Sue Tsu St Mgb Ewi Dra Av Sv Lr Vam Dlp What Do You Subverted Trope Artifact of The Chosen Technical Cloud Magnificent Bastard Like Reality Unless Noted Štatus Quo Enemy Within Backstory Anti Hero Tsundere The The Dragon Anti-Villain Viewers Are Draco in Mean, It's Not Awesome? Flanderization Mary Sue Is God Doom One Pacifist Cuckoolander Storyteller Morons Leather Pants 29 4.1 3.7 14 50 1.1 7.9 5.1 3.9 33 2.9 32 1.9 18 3.1 49 68 Ret Cal Bwb Xan Ih Ag Ace Bda Ham Moo Dbd Lei Mpb Law Mol Vp Old Anp Wob Mem Call To Xanatos The Writer On Memetie Manipulative Bastard Amoral Villain Oldest Ones Anthropic Principle Retcon Fanser vice Action Girl The Ace Badass Large Ham Mooks Rebel Leader The Mole Adventure Gambit Dumbledore Attorney Protagonist In The Book Board Mutation 10 74 95 88 58 .06 1.2 .83 33 28 1.2 1.9 3.0 74 Arc Rq Cry Bdh Sh Pg Cap Bb Rnd Red Mus Mal Chs Ob Vir 4te Roc Con Xm Wog Redemption Quest Big Damn Неоes Rounded Character Rebellious Spirit Law of Conservation Berserk The Obstructive Executive Story Arc Tear Jerker Super Hero Plucky Girl The Captain Redshirts Dumb Muscle Chessmaster The Virus For The Evulz Rule of Cool Meddling Word of God Button Bureaucrat of Detal 05 .16 1.6 1.9 .7 3.1 67 3.7 34 90 1.3 7.5 5.6 1.9 3.1 46 2.5 92 Rar Hj Ang Pet Kh Det Gun Jhg Fla Mug Gia Kz Mon Ws Eld Lol Rof Lah Rad Mst Literary Agent Getting Crap Hypothesis Past The Radar Romance The Hero's Wangst The Jerk With a Flat Complete Monster Pet The Dog Kid Hero Muggles Wicked Eldritch Evil Laugh MST3K Determinator Gentle Giant The Klutz Rule of Funny Ard Jourmey Gunslinger Heart of Gold Character Stepmother Abomination Mantra 1.5 .26 74 3.1 1.1 .57 9.0 .04 28 .44 77 17 1.9 85 51 71 72 5.7 Tri Stw Jts Kik Gh Gb Ja Dyn Scr Foo Lrg Om Bru 1wa Fai Rod Md Dh Sqi Saving the World Jumping the Shark Intrepid Reporter Dynamk Character Loveable Rogue Omnicidal One Winged Angel Genius You Have Moral Development Hell Love Triangle Kick The Dog Guile Hero Jerkass The Scrappy The Fool The Brute Rule of Drama Squick Bruiser Maniac Failed Me Dissonance 4.1 45 .86 4.0 24 39 06 4.0 13 24 1.5 22 23 01 78 1.3 Hil Tfc Gtb Hrz Th 5ma Ind Sav Sta Edh Tc Pmd Kt Chi Cce Cat 4wl Tbl Sbn Fwr Corrupt Corporate Executive Parodic Hilarity Ensues They Fight Crime Growing the Веard Ensemble Darkhorse Screwed By The Network Moral Event Five Man Person of Mass Right Hand The Fourth Freud Was Adventurer Archeologist Static Knight Templar Tragic Hero Genre Savvy Turncoat Creepy Chikd Tableof the Horizon Band Character Destruction Cat Wall Right Elements 50 3.2 Hft Fht 4.9 3.1 3.1 3.1 2.8 The Fourth Wall subtropes: H В Ch Heel Face Face Heel Leaning on the Fourth Wall Fourth Wall Observer Logging Onto The Fourth Wall Painting the Fourth Wall Audience What Audience Fourth Wall Mail Slot Noticing The Fourth Wall Turn Turn Breaking the Fourth Wall Breaking The Reviewers Wall Fourth Wall Portrait No Fourth Wall No Inner Fourth Wall Sliding Scale Of Fourth Wall Hardness The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You The Hero The Lancer The Smart Guy The Big Guy The Chick Fourth Wall Psych These blocks allow for the construction of simple story outlines: DILBERT MAS 降 去 時 通 STAR WARS KIM POSSIBLE AVATAR EFFECT THE LAST AIRBENDER DraNeoFai Sq H - Stw - OmEld 5ma Neo-Stw-Emp Sta Tfc Ag Rq Hft DetAv Hil 5ma— С — Emp Jt ALL THESE TROPES AND TWENTY THOUSAND MORE ARE DETAILED ON tV tropes.ORG

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

shared by DawnPaladin on Aug 17
This chart illustrates the basic elements of storytelling. It forms a visual introduction to the community-run trope catalog at A clickable version can be found at the designer's website.


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