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The Peak of Imagination - The World's Most Iconic Toys

Peak of amagination The THE WORLD'S MOST ICONIC TOYS Everybody has a distinct memory of a favorite toy. The action figure that is bruised from countless battles on imaginary battlefields. The doll that has spent endless hours at tea parties. Do you have any memories with these toys? They have made a lasting impression on our imaginations, and have filled kids all over the world with joy. 1903. MONUPOLY More Monopoly Money is printed every year than real money The initial goal of this educational board game in the 1900s was to teach the negative affects of a land tax value, which doesn't take into consideration the value of buildings and other improvements. It definitely became a success and taught us about taxes and economics! During World War II, these items were placed in Monopoly boxes to help Allied Prisoners of War escape from Germany: REAL MONEY (instead of Monopoly money) ESCAPE MAPS COMPASSES FILES YO-YO1928 An immigrant from the Philippines brought this toy over, calling it "yo-yo" which means "come-come". In 1929, Donald F. Duncan introduced the looped slip-string that allowed the yo-yo to sleep; and thus it became an advanced toy for tricks. Japan has dominated the World Yo-Yo Contest Titles since 1992 500 BC Japan: USA: Brazil: Earliest surviving yo-yo, found in China, made using terra 68 24 cotta skin disks. titles 1949 LEGO For kids, and for adults, these building blocks get their name from Danish words "Leg Godt" =“play well". James May built the world's first full-size LEGO house (shower, bed & toilet too) with 3.3 million LEGO bricks! ECO DUIE LEGO THEME PARKS IN THE WORLD: BILLUND, DENMARK SET CONSTRUCTION: # of LEGO bricks used in WINDSOR, ENGLAND, UK GUNZBURG, GERMANY REAL-LIFE: 3,863,484 NUSAJAYA, MALAYSIA CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, USA DIGITALLY: 12,000,000 WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA, USA FRISBEE1950 With the UFO craze in the 1940s, inventor William Morrison embraced space with flying discs. From "Pluto Platters" to the "Flyin' Saucer", no tin lid worked better than pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company. The 1st Ultimate Frisbee Game (1972): between Princeton and Rutgers* R V.S. Ultimate Frisbee as a sport requires a higher cardiovascular fitness level *Also the teams who played the 1st football game in history 103 years prior than any other field game 1952 Mr. Potato Head The first toy to be advertised on TV, the first toy to gain political votes, and have pictures taken with nearly all the 2008 presidential candidates. MR. POTATO HEAD IS A ROCKSTAR! CANADA'S has a missing tooth, well, because of hockey! MONSIEUR PATATE: "SPOKESBUD" for the American Cancer Society: kicked the tobacco habit after 35 years, surrendering his pipe to the U.S. Surgeon General Barbie 1959 TM Who wouldn't want to be a Barbie? A great wardrobe, loved by all, and she never gets old! She is the timeless, feminine iconic doll of our time. Price BEST SELL EVERYER $3 $17,000 YYEAR first Barbie ever sold highest price ever paid for a Barbie The Holiday Barbie Doll 1963 Basy Bake Inspired by NYC pretzel vendors, toymakers at WILD MUSHROOM FLAN Kenner Products invented this child-size oven Food TV's HAM AND SPINACH QUICHE heated by two Bobby Flay 100-watt light used the Easy-Bake Oven bulbs to make delicious to make baked goods. JALAPENO CORN CAKES * TODAY * E11 23 140 Easy-Bake Oven models million sold million possible baking mixes HOWHCCLS 1968 Kick it into high gear with these wheels that have dominated the automobile market, with more than 4 billion produced! DANICAR Hot Wheels partnered with NASCAR's popular driver Danica Patrick to create the first celebrity-designed Hot Wheels ride SPEED, KANSAS At the Ultimate Hot Wheels festival in 2006, 10,000 fans gathered in a .2 square mile city with a total population of JOW »37« 1974 Rubiks Originating in Budapest, Hungary, representing genius and chaos, this magic cube influenced and even brought about a sport: ART HOLLYWOOD MOVEMENTS MOVIES SPEEDCUBING. SECONDS & UNDER MONTH The time it took Rubik's Cube inventor Erno Rubik to solve the Best times for Speed Cubers & Cubaholics puzzle for the 1st time STAR WARS STAF WARS STAR STAR NARSA WARS LUKE SKYWALKER Palitoy (STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES) After Star Wars became a smash hit, toymaker Kenner couldn't produce enough Star Wars action figures by Christmas, so it created the "Early Bird Certification Package". If filled out and mailed in, the recipient received four Star Wars figures four months later. George Lucas originally approached Mego Corporation with the opportunity to produce Star Wars toy line. The toy maker turned it down, saying it would go bankrupt if it made toys from every "flash in the pan" sci-fi movie. Mego Corporation declared bankruptcy in 1982, closing for good the very next year. 1984 TRANSFORMERS Is it a plane? A car? A device? An animal? It can be all of the above, and a robot. Originally three different toy lines in Japan, U.S. toy company Hasbro bought the distributions rights and united them under one brand, thus beginning the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Optimus Prime originally had a Jamaican accent in the 1980s animated TV series, he was Director Michael Bay destroyed 532 cars also known as "Orion Pax" in his 4th installment of Transformers with Mark Walhberg 1996 TÍCKLE ME ELMO The must buy present for Christmas in 1996, "Elmo-mania"| taking desperate measures to get their hands on the toy. The shopping frenzy made headline news with reports of people fighting in stores, trampling employees and chasing down delivery trucks. By the end of December, 1,000,000 were sold. to some parents POPULARITY That's worth $28.99 $1,500 51 Retail Price Resell Price (within 6 months) Tickle Me Elmos! For the 10 year anniversary, a new version was created which not only laughed, but Begged the tickler to stop Rolled around Smashed his fist on the floor the ground while laughing These iconic toys have graced the playrooms of almost every child over the last 100 years, and remain a prominent staple in many homes. Which one is your favorite? ToyZoo Sources: Me Limo P. ------------

The Peak of Imagination - The World's Most Iconic Toys

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Toys take us back to our childhood, bringing back warm memories of times when all we had to worry about was who we would play with that day. This infographic takes a look at some of the most iconic to...


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