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Parenting Gems from the Kingdom of Fiction

PARENTINGGEMS the Kingdom of Fiction You never know who may benefit from your unique W: hen fun, carefree dad Daniel Hillard loses talents. Mrs. Doubtfire custody of his children, he realizes he needs to step up and dust off his quirky talents to reunite with them. A knack for voices and a wild imagination transform him into Mrs. Doubtfire. Behind this dutiful guise, he becomes a treasure to the mother and kids. This Life is full of upheavals, triumphs, and turns. This is especially true for us parents. Our kids will grow and our lifestyles will change. Even our best-laid plans may be as helpless as a clean house against a whirlwind of toddlers. No matter what happens, the love between parent and child is infallible. It unites us, whether cozying up for bedtime reading or miles apart. Where there's love, there's a way! experience helps him grow as a parent and rediscover his passion for life. After a zany roller-coaster of obstacles, his loyalty and love unite the family, and he joins them as Daniel. Mrs. Doubtfire lives on, though, as a character in the TV show "Euphegenia's House," where she reassures the world that the power of the heart triumphs over any circumstances. "But if there's love, dear... those are the ties Don't let a grudge hold you back from recognizing the efforts a loved one is making to change. that bind, and you'll have a family in your heart, forever." Love is a ship that can sail the distance, brave the storm, and reach peaceful shores. Daniel Hillard Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter As parents, we're under constant pressure. "Do it this way!" "Do it that way!" "If you keep that up, your kids will grow up to be 'troublemakers " It's chaotic and "Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living, and above all, stressful, yet we feel we cannot reveal that we don't always have it all together. Let's be more open with our kids so they feel comfortable with emotion. Mistakes happen. Flaws are okay. Tears are natural. those who live without love." Happiness is great! Albus Dumbledore Your flaws are just the shading in a big, beautiful painting. umbledore did everything in his power to be a champion of courage and love. He led by Dexample to foster within Harry the virtues of a hero. Albus encouraged the young wizard to believe in himself. While Harry placed him on a pedestal, it was Dumbledore's raw humanity that offered the most lasting lesson. The twists and turns of the plot revealed the h eadmaster's flaws right before Harry's naïve eyes; he stared down the hard truth that even his revered idol had dark Emotions are nothing to be ashamed of. secrets. Through this, he realized that a person is not defined by their cracks but by all of the colors of their character. You don't have to have it all together to make the magic happen! Heroes can come from the most gritty, humble origins. Bobby Singer from Supernatural Family doesn't end in blood. Anyone can be a parental figure and role model. Many new parents fear they'll repeat the mistakes of the generations before them, but the past does not determine the kind of parent you will be. Love and dedication can guide you on a new path. The bond you nurture with your kids is one-of-a-kind; it adapts, heals wounds, and illuminates even the darkest of shadows. on't let Bobby's surly attitude deceive you. While exorcising demons and scouring ancient tomes was his specialty, he also served as a father figure to the Winchester boys. He never imagined he was capable of doing this due to past trauma. With their own father fiercely fixated on a supernatural vendetta, "Uncle" Bobby tried his best to let them just be kids now and then; they played catch, watched movies, and shot cans. Bobby's loyalty was a sunny patch no matter how dark the "As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. And they grew up great. They grew up heroes." Bobby Singer situation. Love and loyalty are more powerful than the demons of the past. Contrasting parenting styles can be a blessing if treated with respect and patience. You don't need to conform to a role; just love with open arms and an open heart. Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family M: itchell and Cameron are quirky, doting parents N who completely toss stereotypes out the window. Mitchell is the low-key, cautious breadwinner while Cameron is the headstrong, expressive handyman around the house. They reinvent the classic maternal/paternal dynamic of parenting and deliver love, nurturing and commitment to Lily in their own way. The easygoing, lovey-dovey parenting style of Cameron is balanced by Mitchell's protective, firm approach. The world is full of modern families. We don't need to conform to a role, follow the rule book, or obey every piece of advice or opinion tossed our way. There is no right formula for parental success so long as there is plenty of love, care, and dedication involved! "You're a list-maker. I'm a dreamer. Sean Penn would play me in a movie, or Anne Hathaway if they were going for a female-driven vehicle." Cameron Tucker "I figure when my husband comes home from work, if the kids are still alive, then I've done my job." Your kids are growing up in a beautiful, diverse world! Laughter is the best medicine. Roseanne Conner Roseanne R: oseanne transformed the term "housewife" into "domestic goddess"; she worked hard, loved hard, and laughed harder. This real mom was not ashamed of her sassy, boisterous personality and never sugar-coated the truth. She was a rock for her entire family, striving to provide for them in her own cheeky, stubborn way. Her authenticity inspired her children to be true to themselves and pursue their passions. Humor works wonders in smoothing out the sharp edges of life's many ups and downs. Try to always look on the bright side, but don't feel pressured to be a dazzling, flawless example of parenthood. Be yourself, your children need and want YOU and nobody else. By being clear and proud about who you are, you will gift your kids with the courage to celebrate their true colors! If you happily own who you are and hold nothing back, you can spark independence and creativity in your kids. Hard work and honesty are best taught by example, and you don't need money to show how much you love your kids. Your inner child can help your outer adult stay strong and happy. "No, Cliff. You did not have that child. I had that child. I was the one lying on that table screaming, Clair Huxtable Take it out" from The Cosby Show Clair Huxtable lair Huxtable was a wonder woman. She was a sharp, sophisticated lawyer, a balanced disciplinarian to her kids, and one half of a fair, Clair is proof that we can have it all, as long as we know our limits and respect ourselves. That was Mrs. Huxtable's secret; she gave it her all while never forgetting herself. Her lifestyle was an action-packed juggle, so she maintained good health, patted herself on the loving partnership with her husband. Despite her high-powered career, she devoted time and care to her family and herself. She was silly at times, firm when needed, and brilliant always! back often, and tended to her own needs. Know when to take charge and be a parent, not just a friend. You deserve the tenderness, care and patience that you give to everyone else. AMM Sources: STATE OF PLAY

Parenting Gems from the Kingdom of Fiction

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As parents, we are bombarded with opinions on how to properly raise our children. They come from books, experts, family, friends, teachers, and blogs. It gets overwhelming to decide what to believe! S...


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