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Pacman to Wow: The Evolution of Video Games

PAC-MAN TO WOW: THE EVOLUTION OF VIDEO GAMES THE INTERACTIVE GAME CHEAT CODES Landmark Games 1947 • Goldsmith and Mann created missile simulator game inspired by WWII missile displays Moments in Gaming History • The game controlled a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) beam that appeared as a dot on the screen System Eras % Recent Gaming Statistics FIRST INFLUENTIAL GAME STAY AWHILE • Spacewar! - Multiplayer game programmed by MIT students 1962 AND LISTEN • Players controlled a spacecraft and fired missiles at each other DIABLO • Basis for many other games to follow 1970 OREGON TRAIL 1971 • Developed by three student teachers at Carleton College in Minnesota A WINNER IS YOU! • Used as a teaching tool • Found its way onto the Apple Il in 1978 PRO WRESTLING PONG 1972 • Home version released 1975 • Primally simple: Two paddles, a dotted line for a net, a dot for a ball, all in black and white • The experience was surprisingly dramatic ARCADE GAME TO MICROPROCESSOR 1975 • Gun Fight by Midway Manufacturing Co. • First of its kind to use a microprocessor • Allowed graphics to be more continuous and fluid 1980 PAC-MAN 1980 • Developed by Namco; designed by Toru Iwatani • Landmark in video game history ONLINE GAMING • One of the most influential video • SuperSet Software was responsible for the first ever game featuring networked game play 1982 games of all time • Snipes - A text based, single user game; single used to demo IBM, multi was used to demo first network 8-BIT GAME SYSTEM 1983 • Nintendo Entertainment System - first successful 8-bit machine • Over 60 million units sold to date • Atari ST and Commodore Amiga also surfaced in 1985, marking the beginning of the 16-bit era THANK YOU, MARIO! BUT OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS SUPER MARIO BROS. 1985 • Developed by Nintendo • The game that went on to define "platforming" • One of the most recognizable video game theme songs 1990 WING COMMANDER 1990 • Developed by Chris Roberts • Featured a sophisticated 3-D engine • Notable for its use of scalable bit-maps 64 AND 128-BIT SYSTEMS 1996 - 2002 • The Nintendo 64 was grouped into the 32-bit era, but actually was a 64-bit machine • 64-bit machines include Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox • PlayStation 2 - best selling console of all time STARCRAFT $11.7B In 2008, video/computer game sales grew 22.9% to $11.7B, more than quadruple industry sales since 1996. 1998 • Developed by Blizzard Entertainment • One of the most important games ever released • Competitive StarCraft players in South Korea today can earn more than a comfortable living playing 2000 HALO 2001 • Developed by Bungie Studios • Brought exceptionally well balanced gameplay 25% By 2009, 25% of American gamers are; over age 50 • Sublimely soaring visuals and high-quality music CONTROL WITHOUT A CONTROLLER | 2004 - present • Kinect for Xbox 360 released 2010 • Responds to the person's whole body movement and voice commands • 66 million Xbox 360 sold* • 18 million Kinect for Xbox sold* "As of February, 2013 In 2011, 72% of American households play computer or video games. 72% WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004 • Developed by Blizzard Entertainment • Currently around 10 million subscribers • Crossed many lines that define the "stereotypical gamer" ANGRY BIRDS 2010 2009 • Developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. •1 billion downloads as of May 2012 • Angry Birds Space hit 10 million downloads $14.8B In 2012, video and computer game sales had reached $14.8B in just three days after release in the United States. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL Sources: | | | | | | N NOWSOURCING PRE 1970

Pacman to Wow: The Evolution of Video Games

shared by NowSourcing on Apr 16
From Pac-man to World of Warcraft, this infographic takes a look at the evolution of video games.


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