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Our Favorite Animated Characters

Our favorite aninMated characters Here it is: the definitive list of our favorite animated characters from the 70s, 88s. 98s, and 00s. 1970's Jerry Mouse Tom and Jerry that was the cutest little zoot suit ever Norville "Shaggy Rogers Scooby Doo everyone's favorite hungry buddy The Inspector Pink Panther Show because Pink himself was a bit irritating, and anything based on Peter Sellers wins in the 1970s Mumbly Laf-A-Lympics the team captain of the Really Rottens, who really just snickers Lex Luther Challenge of the Super Friends because we love the Legion of Doom 1980'S Starscream the Decepticon Transformers yeah, he was a little whiny, but he had an awesome Sword and he was a scientist too Cheetara Thunder Cats the only female For many episodes, also fast and the voice of reason Snake-Eyes GI Joe because he doesn't tell stupid jokes and he's a Freaking ninja Penfold Danger Mouse the goofy, clumsy second banana to the hero. He is hilarous Man-At-Arms He-Man as one of only three who aren't fooled by Prince Adam's "secret," he is our vote based on competence. 1990'S Powdered Toast Man Ren and Stimpy No reason needed The Joker Batman: The Animated Series because crazy is always better in a super villain. Wolverine X Men because he's in all of the best episodes including the frst animated incarnation of the "Days of Future Past" storyline David Van Driessen Beavis and Butthead the "m'kay" hippie teacher The Brain Animaniacs because we loved to hate him 2000's Raven Teen Titans don't lie-if you were a girl she was your alter-ego Asaj j Ventress and Kit Fisto (tie) Clone Wars Huey Freeman The Boondocks the awesome narrator and deep thinker Frylock Aqua Teen Hunger Force because he takes care of business and he's made of delicious french fries Homer The Simpsons because he's added more words to our vocabulary than school has PLATT COLLEGE DIGITAL I MEDIA I DESIGN

Our Favorite Animated Characters

shared by plattcollege on Jun 26
Here it is: the definitive list of our favorite animated characters from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.


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