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OnlineClock - The board game - infographics

12 ONLINE CLOCK ONLINE CLOCK.NET was created by a lonely web programmer back in 2006.He came up with the idea for a website you use as an alarm clock one night while he lay inbed, suffering frominsomnia. Immediately recognizing the idea as a good one, he sprung out of bed and wrote it down on a piece of paper..The very next day, the world's original Online Alarm Clock website was born! THE BOARD GAME Who would've thought such a killer idea for a website wouldresult in such a wild ride? 1. March 24, 2006 2. September 26, 2006 One night, the creator of couldn't sleep. He thought up the idea for the world's first Online Alarm Glock, woke up the next day and placed the first version online! Our first big break: we made it to the front page of! THE GAME GO AHEAD 5 STEPS! PLACE YOUR FIGURE ON START" digg ONLINECLOCK 3. September, 2006 4. Early 2007 We began expanding our site to include more clocks, a Countdown Timer and a Stopwatch. Our original web hoster "kicks usoff" their web servers because we get too much traffic. Time for our first dedicated server! HOSTING GO AHEAD 1STEP! GOBACK COUNTPOWN 1STEP! 55 50 10 5 50 40 00:0 20 10 45 15 20 35 25 Зо 5. November, 2007 6. August 2nd, 2008 The web hoster of our dedicated server FAlILS big-time, and I'mrequired to switch web hosters while on vacation in the Canary Islands (using WIFiin the hotellobby!) The owner of a competitor website threatened me with the Serbian Mafia (true story!.Ihave the email to prove it& the proper authorities have been notified) GOBACK GO BACK 2STEPS! 2 STEPS! Joined Facebook, Twitter &published our first post on our new blog The Alarm Clock Blog. 8. June, 2009 7.October 14, 2008 Created our Online Timer, which quickly became verypopular! GO AHEAD ISTEP! 0:0 GO AHEAD 1STEP! 9. September, 2009 Hackers attacked, adding spam to our start page. Though we brieflyflew out of Google's index, we cleaned up the spamand endedback in Google in a couple of days! BLOG 10. September, 2009 Online Clock invents the world's firstweb-browser based versionofa Clock Radio (our PRRelease on this camemuchlater). ONLINE CLOCK.NET 7:20:30 GOBACK 5 STEPS! GO AHEAD 1STEP! 11. February, 2010 12. June 10th, 2010 Online Clock is The New Nork Times mentioned in a New York Times article. moves to Cloud Web Hosting to ensure maximum up-time. Great for up-time, but it increasedour ONLINE CLOCK.NET hosting bil! GO BACK 1STEP! GO AHEAD 1STEP! ONLINE CLOCK.NET 13. April, 2013 For the first time Online Clock has more than 4 million unique visitors in one month! 14. July, 2013 Online Glock getshit with a DDoSattack! The web server never goes down, and the attack is eventually thwarted. Asaresult, our Cloud Hoster first tries to bill us for all of the extra traffic. GO AHEAD 2 STEPS! MILLION GO BACK 4 STEPS! ONLINECLOCK SERVER 16. September, 2013 10 15. August, 2013 win. whatexactiy?! 10 15 40 Google 20 Google creates a new Online Timer and begins addingit to some of their search results, thus motivating people to use their timer instead of ours. 35 зо 25 GO BACK 3 STEPS! End? Never! OnlineClock.netis not making me rich and famous...but it's too late for me to stop now. Relevanta Online Clock's first blog mention: Online Clock makes it to 1st page of Digg (via mming%2FALARM_ÖNLINE_CLOCK one_word_BOOKMARK NY Times article where Online Clock is mentioned: Online Clock on Facebook, Twitter & The Alarm Clock Blog: Online Clock adds Countdown, Stopwatch & Online Timer: Special thanks to my girlfriend, for putting up with all the madness! www.FLOYDWORK.COM BROUGHT TO YOUBY THE WORLD'S ORIGINAL ONLINE ALARM CLOCK AT ONLINE CLOCK.NET

OnlineClock - The board game - infographics

shared by floydworx on Nov 28
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The board game, infographics for in cartoon style.


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