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Notorious Celeb Divorces of 2011

Notorious Celeb Divorces f 2011 Celebrities rarely get the privacy that the rest of us do when they're going through a divorce, and as a result, we get all the gory details. Some divorces are pretty standard, but 2011 had its share of insane celeb-split moments that just have to be documented. Kardashian-Humphries 'Til Death Do Us... Nevermind STATUS: MARRIAGE LASTED: In Progress 72 Days Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries less than 3 months after their extravagant wedding. The Wedding WHAT WENT WRONG? WE MAY NEVER KNOW. The Kardashian Over 4 million people $10 wedding cost watched the couple exchange vows on their reality show. [1] million. Kris has filed for an annulment instead of BUT WAIT, IT divorce, reportedly saying Kim defrauded him into marrying her. [2] GETS JUICIER . .. Schwarzenegger-Shriver Infidelity Takes Its Toll STATUS: MARRIAGE LASTED: In Progress 25 Years Action-star-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger made a big mistake over a decade ago ... AND NOW HE'S PAYING FOR IT. News! Fathering a son with the family's maid happened a while back, BUT SINCE THE NEWS WENT PUBLIC, MARIA SHRIVER HAS FILED FOR DIVORCE. THE COUPLE HAD NO PRE-NUP, SO THEIR ASSETS ARE BEING SPLIT EQUALLY. MARIA IS attorney's fees, spousal support, and joint custody of the couple's two teen sons. [3] REPORTEDLY ASKING FOR Lonez-Anthony The 7-Year Itch? STATUS: MARRIAGE LASTED: In Progress 7 Years [4] One of the more famous celeb couples around has decided to call it quits, albeit amicably, according to their joint statement back in July. This was Marc Anthony's 2nd marriage; Jennifer Lopez was on her 3rd. [5] The couple has 3-цеаг-old twins, Max and Emme. [4] THEY MARRIED IN 2004, just a week after Marc's previous divorce was finalized. [5] Johansson-Reynolds A Mistake That Wasn't a Mistake STATUS: MARRIAGE LASTED: Finalized 2 Years Interestingly enough, Scarlett Johansson has said she has no regrets about marrying Ryan Reynolds, though her ex isn't saying much on the topic. According to Scarlett, the couple spent loo much time apart due to work. They reportedly split amicably, with no spousal support and equal division of assets. Scarlett told MARRYING RYAN WAS THE BEST THING SHE Cosmopolitan magazine that EVER DID. [6] Kutcher-Moore May-September Romance Doesn't Work After All STATUS: MARRIAGE LASTED: Just Starting 6 Years Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had everyone thinking they might actually make it after they managed to pass the 6-year mark. GQ MOVADO But that all came crashing down when Ashton's alleged romps with other ladies went public. Cheating! Demi reportedly decided to divorce Ashton after rumors of his infidelities came to light in a very public way in November. There are millions of BUT ONLY TIME WILL TELL dollars at stake during the divorce, HOW THINGS TURN OUT. BUT DEMI HAS THREE DAUGHTERS WITH EX The couple have no children, Bruce Willis. What Will 2012 Bring? While we don't wish divorce on anyone, there's no denying that celebrities have a tough time making it work! Our predictions for who could be filing for divorce in 2012? Jada Pinkett Could this couple be headed for the rocks after 14 years of marriage? and There has been speculation that the couple has been separated for years and have just kept it well hidden. [8] Will Smith 17.51 We're not going to say age gaps always cause problems, but... Courtney Stodden Courtney is just 17, and Doug is 51, which could cause long-term issues. [9] and Doug Hutchison Sarah Jessica Parker and Married for 14 years with 3 children, this couple has defied Hollywood odds for quite some time... yet we're seeing a trend of long-term marriages ending for trivial reasons, and they have previously been the subject of numerous divorce rumors. [10] Matthew Broderick These True Blood stars might have hit it off on the small screen, but with the age difference, Anna's reported admittance that she's bi, and the fact that co-worker relationships tend not to last, Anna Paquin and we're betting 2012 could be the end of this vampy marriage. [11] Stephen Moyer Celebrity status seems to make it even more difficult to make a marriage last, but these five couples definitely stole the spotlight this year. [1] kris-humphries-divorce/51020246/1 [2] divorce/ Sources [3] schwarzenegger-headline-a-celebrity-divorce-o-rama.html [4],,20510616,00.html [5] lopez-and-marc-anthony-to-divorce-report/ [6] marrying-ryan-reynolds-was-the-best-thing-i-ever-did-2011512 [7] demi_moores/277965 [8] smith-to-divorce/ [9] stodden-controversial-marriage-exclusive/story?id314073130 [10] kids-can-complicate-a-marriage-2011512 [11] anna-paquin-husband-stephen-moyer-honour-lgbt-students-la.html

Notorious Celeb Divorces of 2011

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Divorce is not an easy for anyone, especially if you are a celebrity. They rarely get the privacy that the rest of us do when they’re going through a divorce and as a result, we get all the details....


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