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The New Music Biz

THE NEW MUSIC BIZ The music industry is a mess, yet Electronic Music as a genre is thriving because of the way DJs have tumed the music business model on its head 中平 VS ROCK ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT S$$$$ Guitars, amps, drums, mics, etc. can All a DJ really needs is a laptop with get very expensive, especially when it some production software on it, which is common to have multiple i each. costs half as much as a nice guitar TRAVEL Since most bands bring a lot of DJs have much less equipment and a equipment and a large crew, traveling smaller crew, alowing them to travel from place to place gets very costly. easier and cheaper. PERFORMANCE 黑黑 $$$$$ Due to travel limitations and fatigue Because of travel flexibility and the that comes with playing live, bands fact that electronic shows cang o til can only really play a few shows a as early as 6am, DJs can play more week, and only one per night. shows. Electronic music shows also tend to cost much more than others. RECORDING $$$$$ Bands usually take a few months off DJs can write and record their music touring to write and record their next from anywhere using only their laptop album in the studio. Studio time tends with production software on it. There to be very expensive. is little need for studio time. MARKETING a) 22 :) ii -$$$$ The primary outlets for a band to market themselves is by playing a lot Electronic music is distributed via radio and live performances, but it is of shows and getting on the radio, also common for a DJs to play thus the cost to win a new fan is very eachothers' music live. Fans of high electronic music are also highly connected. ROCK ELECTRONIC $$$$$ Technology has made music much more accessible both in terms of its production and its distribution. This has allowed a many talented artists to rise to fame that otherwise wouldn't have been able to. But it is also making it harder for musicians to make a living from their art alone. Electronic Music, however, is an exception. The culture and business of the genre is highly optimized to give DJs the biggest retun on their music. By Brett Goldstein | ethatguyBG y M Copyright Silichronic 2014

The New Music Biz

shared by brettgoldstein3 on Apr 08
The music industry is a mess, yet Electronic Music as a genre is thriving because of the way DJs have turned the music business model on its head. This infographic lays it all out.


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