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Never Call Saul

Saul Walter Jesse Mike Hank Ed Jane Gus Ted Skyler Badger 10 20.179 What did Never Tom Hagen do for Vito Corleone? 0.90 16 32.07 Call S aul Seas on 2.07 +2,4,6 Epis ode CRIMES: 2 Better Call Saul |8 Criminal Conspiracy Badger is arrested for seling methamphetamine and taken to jail Before he can be interogated into giving up his supplier (Heisenberg). Saul Goodman comes and retrieves him. When Wait and Jesse show up at Saul's office to pay the fees for Badger's representation, Saul gets wind of their entire operation. When Walter insists that Saul keep Badger away from the DEA, Saul throws him out of his office. iiii Incitement Money Laundering It is at this moment that Jesse and Walt have again been pushed too far. When night falls, the two put on ski masks, kidnap Saul, bring him out to a shallow grave, and threaten his life. Saul agrees to represent Badger the way they want. Drug Trafficking The next day, Saul visits Walter in his classroom and sets himself up as Walt's pemanent lawyer. This is the beginning of the end for Walter and Jesse's operation. Falsely Reporting an Incident Real Estate Fraud Conspiracy to Commit Murder 4 Days Out Stalking Back in Saul's office, he takes his fee for nin |Impersonating a Government Official represening Badger and then teaches Walter how to properly launder money. All of this leaves Walter with only $16,000. llegal Surveillance Saul encourages Walt and Jesse to cook substantially more methamphetamine, noting that only by cooking a lot more will Walt leave his family the amount of money they will need without him. Impersonating a Police Officer Extortion | 2 Mandala 11 As to your dead guy, Tampering with Evidence occupational Saul puts Jesse and Walt in touch with hazard. Blackmail a major drug dealer who will buy their meth in bulk. The dealer will later be identified as a major antagonist in the series, and the bane of Walter and Jesse's existence. Drug dealer getting shot? I'm gonna go 2 Phoenix 12 out on a linmb here and say it's been known to Saul connects Walt with a happen. computer savvy man who can help him launder the drug money through Walter Jr.'s website 2 ABQ 13 As the "donations" pour in, Walter Jr. is given an incredible sense of satisfaction that he is helping his dad pay for treatment, never knowing the money is actually coming from Walter Sr. Ater Jane Margolis overdoses and dies, Saul sends his associate Mike over to Jesse's apartment. Mike tells Jesse exactiy what to say to the medical investigators and removes all evidence of drug use from the apartment. After this fast paced disassociation with Jane's death, Jesse dives into a deep depression. He begins repeatedly calling Jane's phone so that he can hear her voice on the outgoing message. 3 Caballo Sin Nombre | 2 VValt is distraught over the possibility of losing his family and tells Saul that he is no longer interested in cooking meth. After confessing to Skyler about what has been going on, she kicks him out of the house and threatens to seek a divoroe. Once Saul 3 I.ET. | 3 leaves Walt's apartment, he calls his associate Mike and says they need to keep an eye on this. Saul visits Jesse and tries to e nim into cooking meth again. Saul tels Jesse that if he does, he will make it worth Later that day, Jesse visits Saul at his offce. Saul tries to convince Jesse to talk to Walter about cooking more methamphetamine. iiiiii Saul Goodman represents Jesse as his anonymous client and brokers the seling of Jesse's parents' house. While the house is on the market for $875,000, Saul offers $400,000 cash due to the "meth lab" that used to be in the basement. Saul's threats successfully net the property for half its asking price. his while. Jesse then strolls into the house past his stunned parents, returning to the home he was once l kicked out of. tof Under orders from Saul, Mike shows up at Walter's house to instal surveillance equipment. He is almost caught by Walter, but manages to sneak out just in time 3 Green Light You see that? Mke uses the secretly installed That's your get out of jail free' card. 3 Más surveillance equipment to record an argument between Walt and Skyler, an argument he plays for Saul. Skyler has revealed her affair to Walter. Seeing this as a prime opportunity to push Walt back in cooking. Saul dispatches Mike to go find him. Mike easily finds Walter at Skyler's workplace, caling out her boss over the affair. iiiii Saul confesses 5 nto 3 Sunset Jesse meets with Saul in his office, very upset about Saul's attempt to work with Gus and get Walt and Jesse to cook together again. Walt hands over his half of the money from Jesse's deal, saying that he is going to work for Gus and that Jesse is out. 6 to the secret monitoring of Walt's house and Walt fres him. Saul then threatens to cut off Walt's money laundering The two come to an agreement, Sau's services are retained and Ar Walts request Saul has his the monitoring devices are removed from Walt's house. secretary Francesca call Hank and pretend to be an Albuquerque police officer. She tells Hank that his wife Maria has been in a terrible In the wake of this news, Saul gives up being Jesse's lawyer and negotiates a fee with Walt to launder the money he will eam from Gus. ШИ Jesse goes to Sau's office and tries to cut Walt o ut of the cooking operation by asking Saul to talk to Gus and arrange a meeting. Gus car wreck and has been air lifted to a hospital. Hank leaves his current location, having been mere steps away from busting Jesse and refuses the meeting, until intialythat he leams that Jesse and Walter aren't on speaking terms. Walt's entire operation 3 One Minute It adds up perfectly. 66 Walt's a scientist, scientists love lasers. Kno nowing that he was tricked, Hank follows Jesse to his house. He then accuses Jesse of luring him away with the phone call made by Saul's secretary. Hank then proceeds to attack Jesse and beat him to a bloody pulp. Hank manages to stop himself, but not before the damage has been done. Plus, they got bumper boats, so.. 3 Kafkaesque Saul visits Jesse in the hospital and proceeds to take pictures of his brutally beaten face. When Jesse reveals his intentions to begin cooking again, or he wil give up "Heisenberg" to the police, Saul tells Walt they may have to "tak options" should things become too heated. Saul bring Jesse to the Zen Nail Spa, offering it up as the ideal money laundering method. When Saul doesn't agree to Jesse's proposed fee structure, Jesse ends the conversation and leaves. Although Walt and Jesse's operation has grown at this point, Saul's attempt to find a major business to launder the money is a surefire indicator that he has no intentions of allowing the two cooks to slow down anytime soon. 3 Abiquiú 11 3 Half Measure 12 Saul Goodman and Skyler meet for the first time. Saul proposes that Walt and Skyler launder their money through a laser tag operation. Walt convinces Saul that it is a better plan to buy the car wash he used to work at for the purposes of laundering their meth profits. iliil It is in this moment that we see how alt waits with Saul at his law office for Jesse, who has developed his own plot to poison the dealers friend You were smart to call me. Saul's plan to continue growing the meth operation has been successful. The bigger the operation, the more money to launder, the more fees for that, and the more legal assistance everyone involved will need. Now you just sit back, relax and let a professional take over. who killed his Combo. When Jesse doesn't show, Walt and Saul hatch a plan to have him arrested, thinking he might cool down if he were off the street. Mike promptly shows up and tells Walt and Saul that they will not be going forward with their plan. 4 Box Cutter Skyler calls Saul to find out where Walt is, since Walt is missing. Saul heads to a payphone and contacts Skyler to let her know Walt is alright. At that time, Saul confers with his new bodyguard, Huel Babineaux, that the two might have to leave town. 3 Full Measure 13 Mke on the hunt for Jesse, goes to Saul's office looking for information. Under duress, Saul misleadingly informs Mke that Jesse is in a traler park in Virginia. Saul then drives Walt to the laser tag building. After they are inside, they begin to discuss their options. Jesse appears and the three talk some more. Saul tells them the "dock is ticking". Open House 3 Anter Skyler's unsuccessful attempt to buy the car wash, she and Walt meet with Saul who tried to convince them that the Zen Nail Salon is the best way they can launder their drug money. Walt still thinks the car was is a bad idea until he hears about wanted her to pay an astronomical amount of money for the business. Later on, Skyler hatches a scam to get the business for below her asking price. She promptly calls Saul. | 4 Bullet Points at how the owner insulted Skyler and VValt meets with Saul out of fear that Hank will Saul has one wash, posing as an environmental inspector. He informs the owner that the water is ful of of his associates show up at the car connect Jesse to Gale's murder. Amid Walt's ever-increasing list of risks, Saul offers a possible solution. Saul knows a man, referred to as "the extractor", who can make Walt's entire Walt rejects this offer, but catalogs it mentally. contaminants and the entire water treatment ire family "disappear" for a certain fee system must be replaced. That evening, the owner calls Skyler and brokers a deal that is less than Skyler's initial offer. Shotgun 4 Problem Dog 4 Hermanos Jaul receives a cll from Walt who informs him that if he doesn't retum within 24 hours, Saul is to give al Walt's money to Skyler. Saul brings Water into his office while he handles the legal ramifications of Walt's joyride and car explosion. Walt wants to hire hit men to take out Gus, but Saul immediately identifies Jaul drops money off from Jesse to his girlfriend Andrea and her son Brock. s that as a bad idea, citing that any such hitmen would ikely know Mike 4 Salud 5 Buyout 10 4 End Times Saul and Mike tell the DEA that a restraining order has been filed against them for stalking Mike. Afterwards, the two monitor the DEA from Saul's car. They overhear Hank and Gomez come up with a plan for retaliation, then Saul tells Mike that only has one day of freedom left. Mike says that's enough. Saul summons Ted Beneke to his office, where he informs Ted that his "Great Aunt Birgid" has died and left him the exact sum of money Ted owes to the IRS. Although Saul thinks this idea is terrible, he goes along with it. At this point, it is doubtful that Walt knows Skyler turned over all the money to protect their operation. 12 Jaul bags up the rest of the drug money he was storing for Jesse and hands it over. He then tells Jesse that he's going to leave town after leaming that Gus threatened Walter's family Saul visits Skyler at the car wash and shows her that Ted leased a very expensive car mere hours after he inherited the money which would have solved his tax problems. 5 Say My Name 5 Gliding Over All Inside Saul's office, Walt and Jesse take a verbal beating for attempting to use lawyer Dan Wachsberger in their escape plan. The phone rings and it's Mike, who then asks Saul to grab the duffel bag from the parked car. Saul refuses to pick up the bag, he thinks the DEA is watching him and knows he represents Mike. S. Jaul monitors the DEA through his own ilegal wiretaps while Walt and Todd continue to cook in various houses under the guise that they are pest control specialists. Some people are immune to good advice. 5 Blood Money 5 Buried 10 Jesse comes to Saul's office with $5 milion in cash. He instructs Saul to give one bag of cash to Mike Ehrm aut's granddaughter and the other bag to the Saul recommends that Walt send Hank "to Belize". A suggestion Walt brutally rebutfs. parents of Drew Sharp. Drew was the sole fatality of the s brazen train robbery in episode 5 of season 5. After Jesse storms out of the office, Saul immediately calls Walt. Walt answers the phone in the middle of his chemotherapy treatment and tells Saul that he wil "handle it. 5 Confessions 11 5 Rabid Dog 12 Ater Jesse is arested for throwing money stacks around town, Saul shows up at the police station to get him out of jail. Saul then calls Walt to tell him about the S. Jaul and Patrick Kuby meet with Walter outside the hotel that him and his family are temporarily residing in While Walter wants Jesse to be found so they can work things out, Saul suggests that Jesse be eliminated completely, like a rabid dog". Walter immediately rebuffs that idea and tels Saul never to mention it again. situation. Saul, Jesse, and Walt all meet in the desert to discuss what they know and what to do now. It is at this point that Walt tries to convince Jesse to go with Saul's associate, who can give him a new identity. iliiii Saul then returns to the office with Jesse and calls the mysterious associate. Saul tries to convince Jesse to hand over his bag of marijuana, but Jesse refuses. Jesse then chooses Alaska as his destination and goes to meet the associate who will give him a new identity Standing there on the sidewalk, Jesse finds his bag of marijuana has been taken from him. It was lifted from his pocket by Saul's associate Huell Babineaux. Jesse then puts together that it was Huell, under orders from Walt, who lited the ricin cigarette out of his pocket. Ноу, 6 I'm a civilian. 5 To'hajiilee 13 I'm not your lawyer anymore. I'm nobody's lawyer. The fun's over. Saul shows up at the car wash looking for Walter. The two of them discuss the fact that Huell has vanished. Saul being afraid for his life, is wearing a bullet proof vest. Jesse returns to Saul's office, punches him in the face, and grabs his gun. At gunpoint, Jesse forces Saul to admit that Walt gave the order to retrieve the ricin cigarette to poison Brock. Jesse then steals Saul's car, drives to Walt's house, and proceeds to soak the inside with a heavy layer of gasoline. 5 Granite State 15 Jaul gives up his career as a lawyer and goes into hiding, assisted in the manner by his associate Ed the extractor". Ed informs Saul that he will need to wait at least two days before he is moved out of state, then Saul's photo is taken and Ed gets to work on his new fake Nebraska ID. Ed also informs Saul that until his extraction, he will be staying in the bunker with another person waiting for the same thing. That person is Walter White Walter asks Saul for a list of mercenaries that he can use to get revenge on the white supremacist gang that killed Hank and stole the drug money. Saul refuses and suggests Walter give himself up to the police. It is then that Saul's ride to Nebraska arrives. Although Walter tries to intimidate Saul into giving up information, he quickly succumbs to a coughing fit and collapses. Saul's Crimes, Tallied Saul Goodman committed at least 69 crimes throughout Breaking Bad, including 12 Money Laundering Drug Trafficking 31 Conspiracy to Commit Murder Blackmail Real Estate Impersonating a Govermment Official Criminal Conspiracy Extortion Fraud llegal Surveilance Tampering with Evidence Falsely Reporting Impersonating a Police Officer Staking Incitement an Incident Aizman Law Firm Criminal Defense Practice

Never Call Saul

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Episode by episode, this infographic catalogues every crime that Saul Goodman committed throughout the Breaking Bad series. Along with descriptions of Saul's actions, it has a crime-tally at the end o...


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