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NCIS Timeline For Cast and Characters

NCIS Recurnina Character pr Camea Starring Character Main Guest Also CHARACTER TIMELINE Season 1 Season 2 Senson 3 Senson 4 Season 5 Senson 8 Senson 7 Beoson B Beseon a Benson 10 Leroy Jethro Gibbe Caitlin Todd Tony DINozzo Ziva David Abby Sciuto Timothy McGee Jenny Shephard Jimmy Palmer Leon Vance Donald "Ducky" Mallard Ked by A Haewar neesed by Gitbe Gebe Paced in Coma, pnd Awake with Amnesie Ked ty Assaera Zyas Apertment Diowe Lp and SheK ged by Terroriite Was Actuly a Main Charecter in Besone 6 Only Gven tar HasHegrt Attack Waking on the Beac Comes Dack DIN CredBeginn wah Srong Hello NCIS my name is Probie, McSiper, Simtin, Mchitter, Mcpanic. Mctatle. MeropeMetim. Probilissous, Mclonely Mesqueeze, Mesmorty pants, Little Tieny. f Lord Mochitty hat, Mcgeek, Egua urt Meskigmaté, Mclawyer, Mcnerd. Mcfreaky. Mckomeo. +a hladred more Mcnoise. Never Borew Over Your Partner Moe The most nickremed charecter in telvieion hetory? Don Jotneon Wes tiany Offered the Role of G He Turned it Down. Gibbs is building a boat in his basenent. It's a 22 foot Glen-L Amigo There are twa types of NOS special Agente: fu time agenta wear a gold badge. part time Agenta wear Biver badge Gitbe petol of choice. the Big Saer PRRO DMM. Typlolly, thie pietol ha 13 round clip - but Gbbe ha th ablity to fire 700 buete without reloading. Hee mago. P228 UIS

NCIS Timeline For Cast and Characters

shared by glennramsey on Dec 26
The team that scrutinizes naval crime on "NCIS" is as intriguing as the circumstances that get investigated. The team is headed by the seasoned and experienced Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Gibbs ...




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